Results Commonwealth Bank AA Scratch Meet (South Australian state level meet)

Results Commonwealth Bank AA Scratch Meet (South Australian state level meet)

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It is my current intention to post the results of the Australian Short Course                          
Championships, to be held in Adelaide South Australia in late August, to this

As part of my familiarisation process with the intricacies of posting to the
newsgroup this is a test post of the results of the fourth of five Commonwealth
Bank Winter AA Grade swim meets (or swimming carnivals in the South Australian

As an explanation to those not familiar with the scene in Australian swimming,
Australian Swimming Incorporated (ASI) is the controlling body of the amateur
sport in Australia and is affiliated directly with FINA. In each of the states
the sport is controlled under ASI by a local association, in South Australia by
the South Australian Amateur Swimming Association Inc. (SAASA or SA Swimming).

South Australia is by no means the powerhouse of Australian swimming with about
3000 registered competitive members in a state population of just over 1,000,000.
New South Wales or Queensland are perennially the top states in the sport in this
country, probably currently followed by Western Australia with South Australia
and Victoria fighting out the next rank. Tasmania and the Northern Territory
complete the ASI affiliates. (Please don't complain to me if you disagree with
this ordering, it is not meant to be definitive and is only approximate in any

Three South Australians are in the Australian team to compete in the Atlanta Pan
Pacs. Because of team commitments they have not competed in this series.

Results 4th Commonwealth Bank Winter AA Scratch Swimming Meet (short course)

Women's 1500 m Freestyle
  1. Elizabeth Philp     Adelaide                       16:58.77
  2. Donna Keatley       Burnside                       17:00.36
  3. Ann Ligas           Adelaide                       17:33.84

Men's 1500 m Freestyle
  1. Brett Bergman       South Coast                    16:19.34
  2. Travis Nickels      Henley & Grange                16:19.58
  3. Wayne Pfeffer       Adelaide                       16:36.72

Women's 200 m Individual Medley
  1. Cherie Currie       James Aquatic                   2:25.70
  2. Clare Alstin        Bayside Aquatic                 2:25.91
  3. Lisa Walker         Norwood                         2:26.11

Men's 200 m Individual Medley
  1. Marcus Langman      Norwood                         2:10.51
  2. Iain Melhuish       Norwood                         2:10.66
  3. Daniel Lee          Norwood                         2:13.14

Women's 200 m Backstroke
  1. Danielle Lewis      Marion                          2:21.06
  2. Debbie Burford      Bayside Aquatic                 2:23.42
  3. Claire Neal         Adelaide                        2:26.49

Men's 200 m Backstroke
  1. David Norman        Norwood                         2:10.45
  2. Damen Abbott        State Swim Clovercrest          2:11.23
  3. Liam Short          State Swim Clovercrest          2:12.41

Women's 50 m Butterfly
  1. Belinda Bocson      Norwood                           30.76
  2. Simone York         Adelaide                          31.45
  3. Danielle Lewis      Marion                            31.73

Men's 50 m Butterfly
  1. Marcus Langman      Norwood                           26.59
  2. Iain melhuish       Norwood                           26.69
  3. Adam Wylie          Marion                            27.42

Women's 100 m ***stroke
  1. Cherie Currie       James Aquatic                   1:14.25
  2. Lisa Walker         Norwood                         1:15.56
  3. Clare Alstin        Bayside Aquatic                 1:15.95

Men's 100 m ***stroke
  1. Daniel Lee          Norwood                         1:05.57
  2. Nathan Hewitt       Elizabeth Aquatic               1:06.23
  3. Nick Bairstow       State Swim Clovercrest          1:09.20

Women's 50 m Freestyle
  1. Belinda Bocson      Norwood                           27.62
  2. Donna Keatley       Burnside                          28.07
  3. Amanda Treleaven    Bayside Aquatic                   28.30

Men's 50 m Freestyle
  1. Daniel Lee          Norwood                           25.00
  2. Damen Abbott        State Swim Clovercrest            25.45
 =3. Chris McDermott     Elizabeth Aquatic                 25.75
 =3. Simon Godfrey       Norwood                           25.75
 =3. Liam Short          State Swim Clovercrest            25.75

Women's 200 m Butterfly
  1. Libby Schofield     Norwood                         2:27.52
  2. Catherine Ware      Burnside                        2:27.78
  3. Clare Alstin        Bayside Aquatic                 2:27.95

Men's 200 m Butterfly
  1. Iain Melhuish       Norwood                         2:04.87 17 yr record
  2. Adam Wylie          Marion                          2:10.18
  3. David Norman        Norwood                         2:15.17