Five snowmobilers died

Five snowmobilers died

Post by Stig Arne By » Thu, 10 Mar 2011 22:21:46

During the last weeks, 5 snowmobilers have died in 3 different
snowmobile accidents.

The first accident occurred a few weks ago when a snowmobiler died after
a collision with a car after riding on a public road (which is allowed
on certain low-traffic roads throughout the country).
More specific details about this accident is not known.

The second accident occured last thursday when a group of 9 snowmobilers
(aged 17-22) started from a cabin riding 5 snowmobiles.  When they
started from the cabin, there were calm weather, but during the ride
they were surprised by a sudden storm and heavy blizzard with virtually
no visibilty.
The group became separated into 3 groups, and the last group were found
by a rescue team more than 24 hours after they were reported missing
more than 10 kilometers from the other two groups.  In total, 6 were
found alive and transported to hospital with hypothermia, while 3 were
already frozen to death in the storm and blizzard.
It is known that they were riding outside marked snowmobile trails, and
that some of them were improperly dressed for snowmobile riding only
wearing track suit pants and thin footwear, and some of them were not
wearing a helmet (compulsory by law whenever riding snowmobiles) or
other suitable headgear as it's known that up to 80% of the total body
heat loss can be through the head!
It is also known that one of them who died initially were properly
dressed, but already had shared some of his own clothing with some of
them who were improperly dressed.....

The third accident occurred last sunday when a a group of snowmobilers
triggered an avalanche.  Most of them were only partially buried and
managed to escape quickly except a 30 year old man that were completly
buried.  He were found after about 50 minutes and transported to
hospital in critical condition under constant revival, but were
pronounced dead on arrival.

Stig Arne Bye

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Five snowmobilers died

Post by MNMike » Fri, 11 Mar 2011 07:00:30

Guy I went to high school with died last Saturday after head on into a tree.
Isanti, MN.


Five snowmobilers died

Post by repairman5 » Sat, 12 Mar 2011 08:14:14

Sledding can be a dangerous sport.
I'll never understand why people don't take basic precautions in operating
them and being prepaired for riding.
I guess it's a combination of wanting to be on the edge and without any
forthought of the very disticnt possiblities that it could happen to you.
I'll ride fast and hard at times but never over 80% of my abilities. You
need that cushion for the unexpected.
I had someone go right through a stop sign at a road crossing the other week
following a sled right in front of me. 5 seconds sooner and I would have run
over them and my truck would have won and my life would have changed
forever. Road was snow covered and I was traveling at a proper speed for
conditions. I never could have stopped in time in that situation. Hopefully
my horn woke them up.
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