'98 AC-ZL-500 CARB BOOTS !!!

'98 AC-ZL-500 CARB BOOTS !!!

Post by Gary W. Smit » Tue, 13 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Hello group.

This question would obviously concern only those that would know or had
experience with this problem as follows.........

I am having a problem with the carb intake boots staying on the carb
flanges!  They seem to be made TOO SHORT!

I have had to use hose clamps to keep them on, and there is hardly enough
*** to even do that !!!!

Since the machine is still under warrantee, I called my dealer instead of
writing to Cat, since I figured they would only steer me back to my dealer

Today I got e-mail from my dealer that AC will NOT replace my boots with the
CORRECTED DESIGN boots they have on the 1999 model !!

I have seen these new boots at an AC show last spring on a carbed  '99
ZR-500, so I know such a thing exists.  I just can't understand why I was
not notified and now seem to be turned down for a replacement/upgrade to a
design SHORT COMING!!!! (no pun ment here, I'm a bit miffed!)

If anyone else has had this problem corrected through AC or their dealer,
please let me know, I could use some fellow testimony here (o;

Thanks for anyone concerned enough to write back personally or publicly....

....Gary Smith


'98 AC-ZL-500 CARB BOOTS !!!

Post by ZSnowma » Tue, 13 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I've got the ZL500 also, I put the hose clamp on the carb's the day I
brought it home.  Have had no problems.  Still no excuse for AC not to fix
this issue with the '98's though.


'98 AC-ZL-500 CARB BOOTS !!!

Post by SAGEDO » Sat, 17 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I have had these same problems with my girlfriends 98 ZL. I did the samething
with the clamps. I'm having a lean cylinder problem and I think thats why. My
dealer told me not worry about the clamps and took them off when I brought it
in. He change the needle position and I up to 370 main jet but I never got to
try it because of snow conditions last year.  The 99 boot is new to me  but I
bet this was a big problem with lean burn down last year. I am going to call my
dealer right now!
Let me what you come with.