Reverse shifting problem

Reverse shifting problem

Post by Moosema » Wed, 11 Nov 2009 02:42:39

Hey all,

Just bought a used 2007 Venture MP (PZ50MP) with only 600 Km on the
odometer. The previous owner told that to shift it into reverse
(push-button), you have to get off and lift the rear. Then you hear the gear
clunk in and beeps normally. To shift it into drive, I have to lift the rear
again. The owners manual does say to apply a bit of throttle when it doesn't
shift properly (D or R light flashing) but I tried that and it doesn't work.
It just stays in the previous gear (if shifting from D to R, sled just moves

I do have the full repair manual but it doesn't have anything for
troubleshooting or anything about any adjustments in the reverse gear box,
only removal and installation.

This is a great machine but having to lift the rear each time to shift it is
a real PITA. If anybody has any suggestions, it would be appreciated.


2007 Yamaha Venture MP
1992 Ski-Doo Safari 377
1992 Ski-Doo Safari 377 Electric