first 50 mi. Vmax 500 xt

first 50 mi. Vmax 500 xt

Post by Petg » Thu, 21 Dec 1995 04:00:00

put the first 50 mi. on my new vmax last week. the rear suspenion on the
XT was absolutly great. didn't feel the usual pounding on rough trails. I
was a little unhappy with the cornering. the 500 xt can't be ajusted, like
the 600 xt. I've studded the track w/ 96 -- 875's. Any handling TIPS ? All
in all the sled is a great one. The motor acted like a vacume. (
consistent throttle response ) great clutching.
Any thoughts on the new sled ???

peter T
96 vmax xt


first 50 mi. Vmax 500 xt

Post by JSMARSH » Fri, 22 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Hi Peter,

I just put my first 50 miles on my 96 600XT and loved it.Of course I have
been riding a 91 E***r II for the last 5 years so the XT was a big
difference.  The rear suspension is unbelievable in the bumps. We were on
a railroad bed at speeds over 70mph and we encountered some good size
moguls and the XT ate them up with no problems.

Depending how much you want to spend, you could buy the clicker struts
for your 500. I think they are about $175 to $200 apiece. You could try
adding a pair of SLP skis (about $340/pair). The cheapest way is to go to
your dealer and buy a pair of stiffer front springs. I believe the VMax
DX springs are the ones you want. Also, for $75 you could get a Bender
Sway Bar to replace the stock one. I put a Bender Sway bar and 84 VMax
springs in my 91 E***r II and it made a big difference in the handling.

Jim M.
96 VMax 600XT
83 SRV