First ride ---> '97 ZR580...'97 ZRT600 & '97 XC600

First ride ---> '97 ZR580...'97 ZRT600 & '97 XC600

Post by iip.. » Wed, 04 Dec 1996 04:00:00

First real snow in Iowa (only 3-4" so riding was still limited) here's
some of my observations (flame away if you must).

'97 ZR580 surprisingly quick! After about a 1000' run the 580 was only
about a sled length behind the That is a tremendous
improvement over my '96 carb ZR580, clutching seems right on and it pulls
great all the way.  Handles great and rides MUCH better than '96, does
like to pull the skis when you punch it...casual observer stated that the
skis were still 6" off the ground at about 600'.

'97 ZRT600 similar to last year but with a better ride.  No bog off the
line like last year, but the mid range feels a little softer, still a
killer top end.

'97 XC600 CRC front end seems to handle much better, dare I say
approaching CAT level of handling. XTRA10 felt rougher than the new CAT
LTS. In our 1000' run the XC finished about 2-1/2 sled lengths behind the

Then the rain came and washed away our snow :-<  Oh well, pray for more...

Note: All riders swapped sleds and tried each others, and the results were
the same and most of the opinions were the same.

Doug H.
'97 ZR580