ZiRT 600 Bog...Possible Solution

ZiRT 600 Bog...Possible Solution

Post by Iipd » Fri, 12 Jan 1996 04:00:00

A buddy of mine has a new ZiRT 600, and has had a problem with a bog and
gurgling on the trail, jetting, etc never really solved the problem.
The other day we took it back to our dealer, causing several more gray
hairs to sprout in the service manager's head, he finally started tearing
into the carburators looking for problems and found that an internal burr
or some corrosion in the enrichment system was preventing the ***from
releasing completely, this was causing the sled to run rich all through
the RPM range... especially at slow speeds where the RPM wasn't sufficient
to clear the extra fuel.

Although we have not extensively tested the fix (soaked and worked the
***system until everything was free) it seems to have solved the
problem.  AND because the problem WAS IDENTICAL in ALL 3 carbs, I am
suggesting that all the smaller main & pilot jets being used may just be
covering up for an enrichment system problem, on a large portion of the
ZiRT 600s.

Any ZiRT 600 owners with a bog problem may wish to check out the
enrichment system for a hang up, this may be a possible solution to the
problem.  Let me know if any body else out there has the same results.

Doug Hundley
'96 ZR580
(probably a ZiRT for '97)