XCR SP vs. XCR 600

XCR SP vs. XCR 600

Post by Guy Perro » Tue, 09 Jan 1996 04:00:00

It depends what you're looking for: High Speed or Trail, X/C trail

These sleds are not the same !!!

The XCR600 SP is much more performant (Speed) while the XCR 600 is lower,
lighter, so better handling, cornering (Trail, X/C trail)...but it is
strong too 95-98 Hp. The XCR 600 SP is around 120 Hp.

I think the XCR 600 SP is around 60-70 lbs more than the White. You have
to count that the XCR 600 SP has 3 pipes, 700 cc base motor engine and a
new chassis.

I was talking with my dealer (he owns a XCR 600 SP) and it told me that
his sled was *** gasoline. But he is very satisfied with it. So I am
with my XCR 600 and it is good on gas milage.

I'm a trail rider. I open it full throttle on lake but beside that I eat
around 3500 miles per winter on TRAILS.

Black or White ?


XCR SP vs. XCR 600

Post by cbul.. » Tue, 09 Jan 1996 04:00:00


>  I have a freind looking to get a new sled.  His 92 500 SP seized up on the
>  trail in Baraga.  He was looking at the XCR 600 White shell vs. the XCR
>  SP.  Is the SP worth the extra cash ?  I think the white shell is 30 - 40
>  pounds lighter than the SP.  It seems like this would be an advantage.

I was also comparing the two models. An excellent article appeared in the
Race and Rally magazine, Oct/Nov 1995 issue, comparing these two sleds.
After reading this your friend should
be able to decide or be toatlly confused on which one to buy.

I just didn't likre the looks of the new XCR 600SP, so my decsion was between the
 XCR 600 or the Ultra. With the little difference in cost,  the Ultra won and so far I'm pretty satisfied.

96 Ultra
Central Minnesota


XCR SP vs. XCR 600

Post by MCXL » Fri, 12 Jan 1996 04:00:00

My buddy and I primarily ride trails.  The lighter sled appeals to me more
and I dont mind that the white one is a little less hungry when it comes
to fuel time.  It sounds like for the kind of riding we do, the white
would probably be the right choice.

Have you heard anything about updating the white shell to the new hood
style ??  I wouldn't mind if they moved the hot grip switch to a more
convenient place and gave it a little better lighting system up front.