FIII opinions different view

FIII opinions different view

Post by Jim Richar » Thu, 21 Dec 1995 04:00:00

>Very fast, even with no tweaking or modifications.
>everyone I've heard from has had a disappointing
>experience with the XCR/sp (one quote after a day spent
>trying to clutch one "it ain't no rocket ship").  

>ZRT 600.....

>XCR-SP:  maybe next year.  should have done more
>testing.  buy an ultra with pipes and get more for less.
>it was a crappy marketing scheme to try to get everybody
>to pay full price last spring.

>ZRT6:  Fast and well ......
>Dan Jordan (ignore my sig) >96 FIII

Dan, I agree with you that it was to bad Polaris wasn't able
to spend more time dialing in the engine on the SP but
calling it no rocket ship is silly.  I have 900 miles on my
sled and my impression is this engine needs at least 300
miles on it before it starts to loosen up.  Out of the box
the engine was grossly over jetted (rode 11/28/95).  On my
second weekend (12/02/95) I jetted down to 380's across the
board, helped some.  The following Friday I was back in the
shop to buy 370's when Polaris notified their dealers to use
350 on the PTO side and 370's on the remaining cylinders.
Thats where its been for the past two weekends and 400
miles.  I work in Green Bay and I keep my sled back home in
Iron Mountain (U.P.)  so I really haven't had the desire or
time to do allot of wrenching on the sled (I would rather
ride, it's still early in the season).  The way the sled
stands right now, as temperature go above 15 degrees F plugs
begin to foul out at idle.  12/20/95 is my last day of work
and I have off till 01/02/95.  Later this week I'll make
sure the carbs are setup correctly and jet down some more,
drop a tooth off the driven gear, raise the clutch
engagement, and see if any of the performance shops have
been doing hands on testing for a good clutch setup.

Now to get to the reason why I wrote this message.  This
past weekend me and my buddy (95 FIII) spent Sat and Sun up
in the Iron Wood, Bergland, Watersmeet, and Land O'Lakes
area.  The lakes suck for drag racing, to much snow and
slush (hard to get a good line).  In our testing on the
lakes and trail grades (ski to ski on the grades) the sleds
are dead nuts even.  The SP seems to have better midrange
while the FIII appears to have a slightly higher top end
(maybe the plastic skis).

Don't count out the SP yet just because people with 50 miles
on their sled are complaining.  Give it some time.

One last note:  This comes from the mouth of a Ski Doo
Dealer, the 96 FIII has actually been detuned about 5hp from
the 95 FIII.  Horse power was not raised.  This doesn't
necessarily mean the 96's are slower than the 95's.  The 96
may have more area under the hp and torque curves and be
quicker than the 95's.

Jim Richard
 96 XCR600SP