Black Hills/Grooming Done

Black Hills/Grooming Done

Post by scott carbonnea » Thu, 05 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Just an update on what's going on in South Dakota's Black Hills ...
The first grooming cycle has been completed since last weekend's
blizzard. Grooming efforts were initially hampered by up to 105 inches
of new snow in some areas, but regular grooming schedules are now back
in place. Snowfall amounts ranged from 18 inches in the extreme southern
portions to 105 inches in the upper elevations. An average of 6 to 7
feet fell throughout most of the system. Most of the snow was wet and
heavy, which created ideal grooming conditions.

 If you are coming the Hills this weekend, you might want to make
reservations at one of the local resorts or motels, as we expect a large
number of people. Also, the added traffic will create a dire need for
common sense and safety along the system ... please avoid *** or
*** before or during your ride!

For up-to-date trail conditions in the Black Hills, visit our web site

Thanks for your time and happy sledding!

Scott Carbonneau
Information Officer
SD Division of Parks and Recreation