Two way communicator info Need Help Please

Two way communicator info Need Help Please

Post by Gary Udstra » Thu, 04 Jan 1996 04:00:00

>I have the Communicator from Collet and that works great.  I hate to
>without it now.  The range is not very far, but they have a new model
>now that operates on the 900Mhz frequency range that promises a 1 mile
>range.  I have talked to people on the trail that have used other
>and most of them had complaints.  I never had a problem with the
>it is very reliable.

  I have been looking at various communication devices and so far the
best solution (I think) that I have come across is a Radio Shack
business band transceiver (hand held radio).  In particular the Radio
Shack model BTX-126 UHF-FM.  The range on this model is supposed to be
several miles (line of sight), realistically one could probably
anticipate at least 2-3 miles.  That should be more than enough for
trail riding with the added benefit of being able to use them in the
truck for communications with other members in the party on road trips.

  This model is made by Motorola for Radio Shack and is a lot cheaper
(not sure how much, I was told by someone that the Motorola was hundreds
of dollars more. I know, I know second hand info...).  You can add vox,
microphones, earpieces, etc. to this radio to make a very versatile
communication device.  Oh yeah, the price as listed in the Radio Shack
catalog is $219.00.  There is also a VHF model that is identical except
for the frequency and the range that sells for $179.00.  Check it out
and let me know what you think!   :-)

Gary Udstrand
96 XLT Special
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