ZRT6 rocket

ZRT6 rocket

Post by Scott Will » Wed, 13 Dec 1995 04:00:00

        Ever since the hood hinges melted off of my hood due to the heat from
the factory pipes while in deep powder, I've been running with the
hood off. I now have aftermarket pipes (Reichard's) and a Hymark
secondary roller and with the weight loss from the hood and pipes, the
skis want to just "hang" off of the ground during accelleration now.
What a rocket this machine is in this configuration. It makes me want
to keep the hood off even after Arctco warranties it and gives me a
new one. What a feeling. Feels like my buddies Mach Z  on
accelleration now. I just need a remote tach now . . . . .

        Oh yea, remember that guy I work with that owns the "built to the
balls" XLT that said he'd smoke my Zirt?  After we rode each others
sleds, we didn't even want to race them. There was no question about
which was faster. It was the Zirt by a large margin.

2 each '96 ZRT600 Mountain Cats
Northern Utah
(OK, OK, one Zirt is the Wife's)


ZRT6 rocket

Post by RogM » Mon, 25 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I see you have a Hymark roller. I'm planning on installing one today, I
also have pipes,  I'm wondering what would be a good starting point for
the helix and spring setup. What have you found works, how about your
shift point?

96 600 ZRT