ZR700 updates

ZR700 updates

Post by Iipd » Wed, 02 Dec 1998 04:00:00

If your dealer hasn't contacted you yet there is an update to be performed to
most if not all 99 ZR700's.  It seems the jet needles are set a little lean for
the warranty department's comfort.

Instructions are to raise the needles by moving the e-clips from position three
to position four. I did it myself rather than drag the sled back to the dealer,
besides it was an opportunity to become more familiar with those flat slides.
It takes about 5 minutes tops to do both carbs. I figure I'll leave them there
until its got some miles on then start doing some tinkering.

Check with your dealer to see if your ZR700 needs the update, I'm not sure if
it was some or all.

Good Luck and pray for snow!!

Doug H.
'99 ZR700