'97 to '98 MXZ 670 UPG?

'97 to '98 MXZ 670 UPG?

Post by Michael Larso » Wed, 31 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I am a reborn snowmobiler.  I last had a '80 Enticer 340, sold in '83.
After doing my homework, I decided on a '97 MXZ 670.  I was so psyced
about my purchase until    riding my friends ZR580 EFI.  I overall like
my MXZ better...its more "well rounded"  but I would love to have a
different front suspension...ie lessen the ski lift during hard
cornering before I flip the thing.  The ZR is like a motocross bike on
snow.  I don't ever expect the MXZ to feel "flickable" like the ZR, but
I know there must be an upgrade to lessen bumpsteer, etc.

 I am interested in knowing if the '98  MXZ 670 front end is compatible
with the '97.  And if so, how much $$$$$$, roughly.  Is this the best
use of my upgrade money, or  would my money be better spent on an
aftermarket solution, Brad's AC or other?  Or, do I just live with what
I have and make do.

I hate to pour money into a basically new sled.  So, I would like to
know what the essentials are.  From what I hear, I should at least chuck
the steel ski's for plastic.  Which
ski's are best for MXZ?  Probably the Skidoo MXZ plastic skis.  What
About USI, SLP, etc?    Do they gouge easily?  I pound alot of
ungroomed powerlines.

thanx in advance,
Goffstown, New Hampshire


'97 to '98 MXZ 670 UPG?

Post by WEisser » Wed, 31 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I have the usi's on my 700sx and I am very happy with them.... After riding on
a shitty trail that a log skidder decided to run on I thought the bottoms would
be shot... they actually held up without any deeo cuts in them.... I endorse
these ski'd 100% over their metal counter parts..


'97 to '98 MXZ 670 UPG?

Post by MX » Wed, 31 Dec 1997 04:00:00

On Tue, 30 Dec 1997 15:18:41 -0500, Michael Larson


> I am interested in knowing if the '98  MXZ 670 front end is compatible
>with the '97

        I had a 97 mxz670 and upgraded to a 98 this year for the
improved front end.  After 500 miles so far I can say that it is a
significant improvement over the 97. I do not think that the front end
is swappable due to the radius rods and steering being different.

> From what I hear, I should at least chuck
>the steel ski's for plastic.  Which ski's are best for MXZ

        To improve the handling of my 97 mxz I use a pair of SLP
Ultralites with their 6.5" runners. I was impressed with the
improvment in handling they provided.  I drove in a lot of marginal
conditiions and they wore exceptionally well. Far better than any
metal ski.  This year I tried my SLPs on my 98 for a day and switched
back to the 98 flex skis. I liked the way the flex skis handled a bit
better than the SLPs.  Their bottoms appear to be very close in
profile.  I think you'll find that a pair of the Doo flex skis are
going to be significantly less expensive than the SLPs. I bought my
SLPs from Dennis kirk for $164 each plus $70 for the carbids.  I
*THINK* but am not sure on this, but the Doo flex skis can be had for
$135 each and that inclueds the carbide runner.  Check around with
different dealers. You might be able to get a deal on a pair of black
ones. Upgrading the black for yellow was a real popular move this year
by a lot of mxz owners so some dealers may have an abundance of black
ones in stock. The doo flex skis weigh less than the SLPs as well by a
few lbs per pair.

Steven LaMunion
Snowmobilers meet on IRC sever Raptor.DAL.NET #snowmobile


'97 to '98 MXZ 670 UPG?

Post by Michael Larso » Thu, 01 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I just got my first copy of SnowTech magazine in the mail yesterday.  In it,
they wrote the chassis design of the MXZ is not torsionally strong enough
for the equal lenght radius rod setup. So, it really shouldn't work too
well.  Skidoo needs to update the chassis...like the CK3.   It even went on
to say that the new Yamaha's chassis is so rigid that it can use the
"outdated" unequal length radius rods and handle as good as the defacto std
Artic Cat front end.  So,  it looks like I'll just add plastic skis and play
with the setup some more.

The article also mentioned a front to rear coupling arm that can be added to
the MXZ that will make the rear end  more compliant on the little hits while
not giving up anything for the big hits.  Has anyone tried this?  I believe
it is from AD Boivin.