Exciter 570 -1989

Exciter 570 -1989

Post by Kjelle Mickelsso » Tue, 20 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I have a little problem with my e***r. It seems that it leaks a little
tiny amount of radiatorglycol from two of the screws that holds the
cylinder head.  Is this normal?  I dont see any particular loss of
glycol from the system.  I also have had problem with the boggie, I had
to weld and reinforce it, because there was signs of fatigue everywhere.
(Cracks and bendings...).  Nowadays it is as strong as a lynx boggie, and
it only weighs about 0.3 Kg's more than the original boggie. Why are they
even bothering doing such bad constructions at Yamaha???
I will also put in a new gas damper I've chosen a kimpex before a
?hlin because of the nice price.  I guess that i am not going to have
this machine long enough to wear it out.

Suggestions opinions, you're welcome!


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