WTB: used 580cc ski-doo motor

WTB: used 580cc ski-doo motor

Post by swamirog.. » Wed, 17 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I own a 1993 Ski-Doo Formula Plus EFI, in which I blew a hole in the piston
last weekend.  As a result, I destroyed the piston, pins, bearings and crank.
 I'm now looking for those parts, or a good used 580cc motor in the Toronto
or Muskoka area (I'm in Toronto the sled is in Muskoka).  Would anyone have
such a thing or know of where I might look?

Also, would anyone have any theories as to why this happened?  The Ski-Doo
dealer who currently has the machine can't seem to figure it out yet.  I was
running premium unleaded gas with gas line antifreeze, Amsoil synthetic oil,
doing 130 kph in -16C (3F).

Thanks for your time.

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