Possible 98' Ski-Doo wiring harness problem (S-2000 chassis)

Possible 98' Ski-Doo wiring harness problem (S-2000 chassis)

Post by Dlchoo » Mon, 15 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I got a phone call from my friend who just bought a 98' MXZ 440.  He took it
for the first ride and had and problem with the lights not working.  After
looking at it the Tach, Lights (Head and Tail), Warmers (Hand and Thumb) would
not work.  So we checked every connection and wire in the sled to see if there
was a short.  (My cousins 97' Formula III had the same problem last season with
275 miles on it.)  Well I found a wire in a section of the Wiring harness that
had been sliced almost all the way through.

The wire that was sliced was located on the right side of the Sled just under
the Oil tank and next to the Block.  It is quite possible that in this case the
wire was sliced while dropping in the motor.  (Maybe the motor mount pinced the
wire) If you have a 98' Ski-Doo that is in the S-2000 chassis you might want to
consider checking the wiring harness on your sled.  This quick inspection might
save you some swearing and time just in case your lights and warmers quit while
your on the trail.

There is no recall on this but I would like to know if anyone else has
encountered any problems on their sled.

97' MXZ 440
94' Yamaha V-Max 500