ZRT 600 Low end bog

ZRT 600 Low end bog

Post by Chet » Fri, 12 Jan 1996 04:00:00

 Any ZRT 600 (96 model) owners out here laving a problem with their 600's , A freind of mine
ask me to post on the new to see if anyone can help.He has a Black magic pipe on it and seems
to load up easily on the bottom end, also fouls a plug, he has been trying to contact the
Company where he purchased the pipe and calling Artic Cat company, So far he has not had any
luck. Any ZRT experiencing this or any solutions....


PS Still looking hard for a New or nearly new Ski Doo Formula SLS or a MXZ 583, I prefer the
SLS, does any users know where one can be found.....


ZRT 600 Low end bog

Post by Iipd » Sat, 13 Jan 1996 04:00:00

The low end bog & loading up (at least on a friend of mines ZiRT600) was
due to a partially sticking choke.  After numerous rejets, clutching
changes, changes pilot jets etc,etc... the problem continued.

Our AC service guy finally tore apart the carbs looking for problems and
found that the plunger in the enrichment tubes were sticking on ALL 3
CARBS!!!, effectively keeping it on partial ***all the time (having a
bog and loading up at slow speed).  Check this out on that Zirt and let me
know if you have the same problem.  This could be an explanation to the
widespread bog syndrome.  If it is AC would probably like to know and
correct it for everybody.