'96 ZRT6 prices around here.

'96 ZRT6 prices around here.

Post by Scott Will » Tue, 27 Feb 1996 04:00:00

        The ZRT6 is pretty reasonable right now,
of course because of the time of the season, but I think
it was Doug R. that wanted to know what they were going for
in someone's area. Well, I'll tell you what they are going for around
here.     At Chris' Arctic Cat in Huntsville, Utah they are going for
$5281.  The Mountain Cat version is $5701.   You can see the
classified ad listing this for yourself in a local paper called "The
Big Nickel"  that you can download from this site:


It is in the Adobe Acrobat reader format and if you don't have that
software, it too is available at the same site for free.