Red Dawn Timeline 2012

Red Dawn Timeline 2012

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>> As far as those who changed the background of Kesenia
>> Makarova, to fit the timeline, I would like to know WHERE
>> they got the idea she was born in 1992. Kesenia was born in
>> 1991.

> Are you saying you know better than the ISU?

> <;

As I have aid before, the one skating subplot in this Red Dawn
alt hist fan fiction, come as a result of a fugitive collaborator,
and much of his family, who, while on the run, end up producing
offspring who become skaters.

This one preacher shoots off his mouth one too many times while
he calls the Soviet invasion of the USA "Gods Punishment", and
while on the run, a number of grandchidren and great grandchildren
of his become skaters, mostly for the "Rump Soviet Union", but
a few other countries as well.

Among the skaters whos backgrounds are changed to fit the timeline
is Elizaviets Ttuktamisheva. In this fan ficstion, she has one sister
just as talented as she is. As far as I know, such a sister does not
exist in the real world, as the only Elizavieta is the only skater with
the name of "Tuktamisheva" that shows in in any figure skating listings.
Also, they decide, for some reason, to have her born in 1996 instead
of 1995. In the real world, she was born in 1995.

One skater I thought was just someone invented for the timeline,
until she showed at North Americans, is Kyrie Baga. No magazine
articles or anything like that ever showed up. One magazine index
I still have access to as an alum of my unviersity shows

KYRIE is in the data base, but did not occur with BAGA.

Kyrie must have only recently started skating. The birthdate
they have for her may or may not be correct, but in the Red
Dawn timeline, she is listed as having been born on April 15th,
1995. Being that they changed the birthdates of other skaters to
fit the timline, this could be wrong.

Nicole Bobeck, in this timeline, gets arrested in 2008 instead
of 2009 for ***, and quickly flees to the rump USSR, where
she marries yet another one of this fugitive collaborator's sons,
and works as a coach, and at this one in the alternate timeline,
has already had two children, being groomed to be future
medallists for Russia.

Tonya Harding, in this timeline, also remains a fugitive
in the whacking of another skater. In this timeline, it is
Michelle Kwan instead of Nancy Kerrigan that gets whacked.
Tonya eventually marries one this this fugtive pastor's 15 children,
and gives birth to her first child in 2011. I think in the REAL
world, she did give birth in 2010 or 2011.

Gracie Gold even makes an appearance in this timeline, as
a great-grandchild of this loudmouth preacher, and they even
have her winning an Olympic medal. I think they were getting
a little ahead of theirselves on that one. While Gracie might well
win medals in the future, there is NO WAY she would have won
an Olympic medal, in a 2012 Winter Olympics. Even in the real
world, she is more likely to win a medal at the 2018 Olympics
then 2014. The alternate history 2012 Olympics medallists are

Gold      Carolina Kostner                                     Italy
Silver     Gracie Gold                                            United
Bronze   Kesenia Makarova                                 Russian Republic

I would have seen her as a medal possiblity for this alternate
tiemline's 2016 Olympics, but 2012?