RESULTS: ABC Sports Great American Figure Skating Challenge, aka Spiediefest 2001

RESULTS: ABC Sports Great American Figure Skating Challenge, aka Spiediefest 2001

Post by Trudi Marrapo » Thu, 12 Apr 2001 14:24:52

OK, this is how it went in Binghamton last night...

Spoiler space for them as cares about it...

Warning: They appeared to toss all the skaters' names into the air and
come up with brand-new teams between their last press release and tonight.
Or maybe it just seemed that way to me because the program itself was
printed ages ago, and had every single team wrong.

1. Team 6, aka "The Broome Dusters"--Michelle Kwan and Matt Savoie, 117.1 points
2. Team 1, aka "The Spiedie Eaters"--Angela Nikodinov and Lang &
Tcherneyshev, 116.8
3. Team 4, aka "The Susquehannas"--Sarah Hughes and Michael Weiss, 115.9
4. Tie between Team 2, aka "The Bearcats"--Scott & Dulebohn and Tim
Goebel, and Team 5, aka "The Chenangos"--Jenny Kirk and Todd Eldredge,
115.4 each
6. Team 3, aka "The BC Ice Persons"--Beatrisa Liang and Ina & Zimmerman, 113.1


Weird warmups. Pairs and dance on same warmup. Warmups of one group
followed by another, and then followed by an exhibition! The skaters
must've loved that! Victor Petrenko started things out with his Elvis
"Love Me Tender"/"Jailhouse Rock" medley with the prison uniform and ball
'n' chain. As usual, lots of posing and humor, not much skating. Did two 3
toes in exact same corner of ice, FWIW, and a couple of 2 axels.

The "competition," such as it was:

Angela Nikodinov--"To Love You More," 3 flip-2 toe (I think), 3 flip with
quick turnout, 2 loop, 2 ax, 3 toe-turn-2 toe sequence. 57.6.

Lang & Tcherneyshev--"Paris Walkways" heated up the ice again. They got
three sixes for presentation and a 59.2 total. I could watch Peter wear
black pleather pants all day.

Tim Goebel--The new Ricky Martin thing. A bon-bon shaker he isn't. 2 ax, 3
ax, 2 ax, turned out of 4 sal, 3 lutz, 3 sal-2 loop. 58.2.

Scott & Duelebohn--"Wonderful Tonight." Wonderful again. Included 1 ax-2
toe sequence, throw 2 ax, lasso and chair lifts, 2 toes, 2 death spirals
(FIDS and BODS, IIRC). 57.2.

Beatrisa Liang--"Anytime, Anywhere." Red one-sleeved costume; other sleeve
MIA. 2 ax, fell on 3 lutz, 3 flip, 3 sal, 2 ax, 3 toe-2 toe, inside spiral
followed later by an outside one. 54.6.

Ina & Zimmerman--The bluesy guitar thing they did on Brian Orser's recent
Skate the Nation tour and that I presume they're also doing with COI, with
John in black and transparent shirt with Kyoko in silver-and-black dress.
3 twist, sloppy 2 axels, throw 3 loop, upside-down lift with him in
spreadeagle position, one-handed chair lift, pair spin. May have been a
death spiral in it but I don't have one written down. 58.5.

After intermission, Elvis Stojko performed an oldie number for him, "You
Really Got Me." Looked like new footwork, very little in the way of
jumping (3 toe-2 toe and a 3 lutz he turned out of). Did five arabians at
the end.

Michael Weiss--I may not recover from those silver hologram pants. The
shirt has an interesting translucency. Weird. He must wear that long outer
jacket longer on tour, because here he took it right off at the beginning
of the number and never put it on again; I guess it interferes with the
more difficult jumps. But while he was wearing it, he looked like a white
Sgt. Pepper. Backstreet Boys medley. I thought he did a 4 toe, Heather
thought it was a triple. 2 ax, 3 flip, 3 lutz, lots of break dancing.

Sarah Hughes--The Fosse medley. 2 ax, 3 sal, 2 toe, 3 lutz, 3 toe, fell on
3 loop, tried it again and doubled and stepped out. 57.9.

Todd Eldredge--"1492." 3 toe-3 toe (I think, I never know with Todd), 3
sal-2 toe, 3 ax, 3 lutz, 3 sal, 2 ax. First standing O of the night and
four sixes for presentation. 59.4.

Jenny Kirk--'60s girl-group medley of "My Boyfriend's Back," "Will You
Love Me Tomorrow" and "It's My Party." Purple and blue dress. 3 lutz-2
toe, 3 flip, 2 ax-half loop-3 toe sequence, 3 toe. 56.0.

Matt Savoie--Who says the young'uns don't get inspired by Brian Orser?
"Ebb Tide" (Frank Sinatra version, but with plenty of crashing waves and
seagull-cry sound effects a la Brian's). Black pants, white shirt, black
tie. I really liked this one. Yes, that's right: Matt sold me on a new
version of "Ebb Tide." 3 flip-3 toe, spreadeagle into 2 ax with a
turn-out, 3 loop, hydroblade to 3 lutz, 3 toe(?)-2 toe. Who woulda thought
a guy who isn't soup yet could be so romantic and sincere? 57.7.

Michelle Kwan--The new tour number, "This Time Around"(?) in the gold
dress. Well, folks, we might as well not worry about tempting the
skategods anymore when it comes to Michelle, because if they didn't strike
her dead with a lightning bolt just for skating to these lyrics in this
dress, well, they're never going to hurt her (Trudi says cautiously).
Whoever said the lyrics didn't mince words about her intentions next
season was not kidding, as anyone who watched the COI tour broadcast must
be able to tell. Whew! She wore her hair loose for opening introductions,
but back in the bun for this. 3 sal, 3 lutz-2 toe, 2 ax, 3 toe. Another
standing O, straight 5.9s for skating technique and four sixes and a 5.9
for presentation. 59.4.

They handed out free USFSA key rings at the doors. Programs were colorful,
if not accurate (still had Sasha Cohen in them, and all the teams wrong
and/or in the wrong order); obviously, injuries and whatnot played havoc
with this one after the four-color job went to press. Oh well. Gotta get
to bed.
Just Plain Trudi


RESULTS: ABC Sports Great American Figure Skating Challenge, aka Spiediefest 2001

Post by Davi » Fri, 13 Apr 2001 04:08:05


>OK, this is how it went in Binghamton last night...
>Just Plain Trudi

Thank you for your review Trudi.