Mandy & Ingo - Ripped Off!!!

Mandy & Ingo - Ripped Off!!!

Post by HILL JANET SW » Wed, 18 Feb 1998 04:00:00


>But let's say that one player almost never tries 3-point shots, but
>another one tries them all the time. The one who tries them more often
>will have a higher percentage of failure--but he will also have a higher
>percentage of success, won't he? So who's the better 3-point shooter? The
>one who almost never tries, or the one who tries and fails sometimes? Who
>is likely to be the one who improves the most? The one who almost never
>tries, or the one who tries a lot, even though he sometimes fails?

The one who is the most use to her team is the one who only takes 3 point
shots she's pretty sure of, and otherwise takes the higher-percentage
shots.  By taking the 3-point shots she has little chance of sinking, she
wastes her team's turn on offense.

>That's right--but he is getting only two points. He's not getting 3
>because he's a better 2-point shooter than he is a 3-point shooter, so he
>deserves an extra point for consistency. Right? No matter how many
>2-pointers he shoots, he will never score more than 2 points on each one.
>He's not going to score 3-pointers unless he tries to shoot 3-pointers.

That's right.  If all she tries are 3-point shots, and she hits 20% of
them, while she would hit 45% of her 2-point attempts, the success rate of
the 2-point shots outweighs the greater "return" on those 3-point shots
that go in.  

>Did my illustration above point out how correct you are on that point?
>Only a person who succeeds at 3-point shots should score 3 points per
>shot--not a person who succeeds at 2-point shots. Get it?  

Yup.  And even those talented 3-point shooter whose coach gives them the
green light to shoot from outside the circle only get credit for the
baskets they sink. Sometimes, if the team isn't able to penetrate well
enough to hit 2-pointers, it's worth throwing in some 3-point attempts to
spread the defense --- but that only works if you actually SINK some of
them.  Otherwise, they'll let you shoot from outside the circle all you
want. ..... and they'll put themselves into position to grab the rebound.