really old stuff

really old stuff

Post by Narciso Ronald » Wed, 20 Mar 1996 04:00:00


I just got back from spring break... while I was home I watched the vast
array of skating tapes that my loving little sister made for me so that I
could watch what I missed at school... just thought I'd make a few
comments/ask questions about some past events that everyone has probably
already seen and discussed many many times, so bear with me, or skip the
rest of this if you like :)

First: Landover/Blandover:  I only saw the artistic programs.  A big
"whoops" for Kovarikova & Novotny.  I'm glad they pulled themselves
together for the second try.  As for the ladies: I actually quite
prefered Kerrigan's routine to Sato's.  Aside from her bobble on the
final spin, her routine was lively, good speed/flow, very clean (although
conservative) jumps.... definitely not deserving of Bezic's "definitely
sloppy" remark, imho.  Oh well.  Yamaguchi's program was so cute, and she
too had fun performing it.  Sato looked a bit stiff.  I guess her tech.
program was much better.  What happened to Denise Bielmann?  

Tape #2: Champion series finals (second day).  I agree with whoever
thinks Alexei deserved his win.  Elvis was good but he slipped a couple
of times towards the end.  I also really liked Eric Millot's western
program.  I hope he does well at World's (and hits at least one of his
triple axels).  I didn't see the ladies event (except for Kwan's long)...
how did Slutskaya, et al, skate?  I do recall reading that Chen Lu
self-destructed in the free skate.

Finally, Tape #3: The Stars on Ice Grinkov Tribute.  Oh my.  It was
great.  I watched it three times, although I only started crying the
third time!  (I don't know why it took that long...)  Dasha is so cute
and I'm impressed at how happy she seems... I guess Katya and her family
are taking wonderful care of her.  Katya skated great, it must have taken
a lot of strength to pull off such an emotional program without falling

Well now I'm *kind of* caught up with current skating events, but I'm
back at school so I will likely miss most of Worlds again.  Which means
I'll be checking the ng often over the next several days!  I hope my
sister doesn't get tired of taping stuff for me!


Ronald Narciso

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