Opinions on Oxygen ATV 5 In Line Skates ?

Opinions on Oxygen ATV 5 In Line Skates ?

Post by Stuart Lippe » Tue, 02 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Hi Simon.  ATV 5's are very good bargains right now.  I think Oxygen is
coming out with a new line, so they are blasting their old stuff.  A year
ago, these skates were close to triple the price.

If they fit well, and they feel good to you, you've gotten a bargain.  I've
seen some fairly good reviews on them.

Do a general websearch for inline sites that seem good to you.  You may want
to rephrase your post to this group, so that the subject line matches the
web advice you are seeking.  And, stick with this newsgroup.  I'm fairly new
myself, and this has helped me immensely!

Good luck.



Opinions on Oxygen ATV 5 In Line Skates ?

Post by Paul V. Piesci » Thu, 04 Feb 1999 04:00:00

2 very good sites: http://www.skatefaq.com and http://www.iisa.org

Skates: as Stuart said, if they fit well, feel good and roll for you...

I was doing nicely since Christmas on US$30 skates (Variflex Ventura) from
Toys'R'Us with one exception--pressure on my prominent ankles.  Extra foam
helped some, but not totally.

So I just upgraded to Rollerblade Macroblades on sale for US$80, down from
$100 and that is supposedly down from $180.  Doesn't matter--I actually
said "Ahhhh" when I tried them on--only pair in the store that didn't hurt!

Gave the "old" (month? 15 hours use?) ones to a poor kid.  Everybody's

Bottom line: if you're happy with them, you weren't ripped!  (Gee, I love
the easy questions :-)