Need advice for mother's gift, please!

Need advice for mother's gift, please!

Post by re » Mon, 13 May 1996 04:00:00

My mother, in her 70's, has been a fanatical figure skating fan
for years, but has never seen pro skating off of a TV screen. She's
probably videotaped ever minute of skating that's ever been televised
in the last 5 years.

So, for a combined Mother's Day/birthday present (her birthday is
Wednesday the 15th), I bought her two *very* expensive tickets
(about three rows back from the front!) to a skating exhibition
coming up June 6th here at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin,
Texas. It's called something-of Champions, I can't remember the
exact name.

Featured skaters are supposed to be Oksana, Elvis, and several
other big names. Heh, mom is going to freak. She might even
die from shock.... (grin)

One thing I'm curious about, though, if it's reasonably
do-able: how do people get autographs from the skaters or,
in some way, meet them up close? This arena has about an
eight-foot concrete wall coming straight up from the floor
to the first row of seats, so the skaters can't meet people
from the ice like you see them doing on TV.

I really want to make this a special event for dear old
Mom, and I'd appreciate any advice along these lines.
Remember, too, that she's getting up there in years, and
can't deal with a riot-level crush of hysterical fans from
a physical standpoint.

Many thanks,
Ron Morgan