Love my big front wheel skates

Love my big front wheel skates

Post by John Do » Wed, 24 Oct 2012 19:41:26

My big 140 mm front wheel skates are going strong after years of
use. Wouldn't leave home without them. Their main purpose is
street skating, that includes plenty of uneven/rough terrain.

Here is a spam-free picture, and the write up from my Flickr page.

Land Skis (rough terrain street skates). The first rollerblades
(in-line roller skates) with a big oversized front wheel and small
closely spaced trailing wheels, to help roll over obstacles while
maintaining a low stance.

For coping with pits and potholes, three or more in-line wheels on
a rigid frame is even better than shock absorbers. For coping with
bumps, large wheels are better but large wheels raise your center
of balance and cause instability.

These land skis combine the amazing qualities of large wheel
in-line skates with the stability of a low stance. They are the
first rollerblades with a huge (140mm) front wheel.

Trailing wheel size makes no difference for spanning pits and
potholes. Small trailing wheels make turning easy.

When rolling over a rise, the large front wheel raises the frame
so that trailing wheels more easily follow. At slow speeds, the
trailing wheels drag a little on small obstacles. At high speeds,
when it matters, closely spaced small trailing wheels roll
smoothly over all obstacles. But even at high speeds, a small
front wheel can be stopped by small obstacles.

Simply put, a large front wheel is more important than large
trailing wheels, and there is nothing better than closely spaced
in-line wheels for traversing rough terrain.

By the way... I know the name "Land Skis" is not unique or
original, but it best describes my skates. The oversized front
wheel functions like the upward slope on a water or snow based
vehicle. The oversized front wheel and the small closely spaced
trailing wheels make the skate resemble a ski or snowboard (except
with wheels). Also possible would be to use many very small very
closely spaced wheels on a frame that slopes up in front, but
skate wheels like that are unavailable to me. Treads like on tank
wheels might make for a smoother ride, but that would be a very
different animal.

The original skates are Roces Paris CDG (1999), very easy to