Handicapped tickets to 2001 World Skating Championships

Handicapped tickets to 2001 World Skating Championships

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 I have two complete books of tickets to the 2001 World Figure Skating
Championships in Vancouver BC. They are in the wheelchair accessable
section of General Motors Place, and are suitable for one person in a
wheelchair and an attendant, or for two people in wheelchairs.

 The seats are in section 311-A, seats 19 and 20.

 These tickets sold out quite quickly, and are difficult to get. I
use them all, so would like to sell some. (I'd consider selling the
books if the amount was right.)

 The prices for early morning and qualifying events are quite
but the finals and the Gala will cost more. I am open to offers,
for the practice pass, which is listed last. (This practice pass is a
great opportunity to see all the skaters without having to buy tickets
all events. There is lots of activity going on all at once.)

 If you are in the Vancouver BC area and would like to purchase tickets
some or all of these events, drop me an e-mail. (If you include your

 Or, you may telephone me at 604-576-5752 anytime between 10:30 in the
morning and 11:00 at night. Ask for Tom. If the machine answers, please
leave a message.

 This is the last major world skating event before the next Olympics, so
all the next medal winners should be competing.

 Thanks very much. Tom


Mon Mar 19 -
 1.)  8:30 am: Qualifying A Men
 2.) 12:25 pm: Qualifying B Men
 3.)  4:00 pm: Welcome Ceremony + Pairs Short

Tue Mar 20 -
 4.)  8:55 am: Compulsory Dance A/B
 5.) 12:55 pm: Compulsory Dance A/B
 6.)  4:00 pm: Men's Short

Wed Mar 21 -
 7.) 11:15 am: Qualifying A/B Ladies
 8.)  3:15 pm: Pairs - Free
 9.)  7:45 pm: Qualifying A/B Ladies

Thu Mar 22 -
 10.) 10:30 am: Original Dance
 11.)  3:00 pm: Men's Free

Fri Mar 23 -
 12.) 10:30 am: Ladies Short
 13.)  3:00 pm: Dance Free

Sat Mar 24 -
 14.) 4:15 pm: Ladies Free

Sun Mar 25 -
 15.) 1:00 pm: Gala

 16.) Practice Pass - Good to get in to watch practice sessions
     from Friday March 16 to Saturday March 24.
     These sessions are at General Motors Place and at the PNE.
     (I believe they happen throught the nine days, but you must
     contact GM Place or Ticketmaster to find out exactly when.)