FS: (UK) RollerBlade BoXcars start £1 on ebay.co.uk

FS: (UK) RollerBlade BoXcars start £1 on ebay.co.uk

Post by Colin Jon » Wed, 16 Apr 2003 21:48:17

Hi - if anyone is interested in picking up a cheap pair of
RollerBlade? BoXcars, aggressive in-line skates - perhaps for a friend
who is thinking about starting but doesn't want to lay out a huge
wodge of cash, then I've got a pair going now on ebay - opening bids
from 1!!!


Also available is all the protective gear - genuine RollerBlade wrist,
knee and elbow pads - also starts at 1:


(Auctions run until 24th April 03)