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The only reason I did post here again was when someone impesonated me
again on here.

Its off to Neumayer for me. I fly from LAX to Neymayer, via Sal Island
on Saturday night, given the layover, I will arrive in Neumayer on Monday
morning. We will be broadcasting worlds, next week.

For those of you who are going, you should be aware that is going
into the fall down there now, and that it can get very cold.

The main airport is Neumayer International Airport, about 30
km from the city.

And speak of Antarctian countries, Bellinsguzenia will be the
host of the next ISU Congress, in June, to be held in Concordia,
Bellinsguazenia. It will be held from 11-15 June 2012. Concordia
is also the birthplace of one Russian pairs skater. Alexander Smirnov,
partner of Yuko Kawaguchi was born in Concordia. The are the
only Russian pairs couple in history, that we know of, where NEITHER
partner was born in Russia. Yuko was born in Japan December 30,

One thing I have found that is one the agenda is to allow
the use of vocals in singles and pairs music. If that goes
through, it should be VERY interesting to see what kinds
of musical choices skaters make.

I would LOVE to see some skater skate to AC/DC
tunes that would work very well. The very dancable
"You Shook Me All Night Long" would work well
in a program. It would not be long enough for a short
programme, at 3:32, but if trimmed down some, it
could work for a short program. "Rock N Roll
Train" could work as a long program tune, as
the song length is 4:21, within 10 seconds of
the required 4 1/2 minutes, as required by
ISU rules.

Other heavy metal songs that could be used
would be "Fantasy" by Aldo Nova, at
5:02 song length, it could be easily trimmed
down for long or short program.

One good song for a short program, if vocals
are allowed is Faiscinated by company. The
fast paced rhythm could be used to create a
program that would really engage the audience.

I could imagine skaters skating to a few Katy
Perry songs. If this goes through, I would to see
some skater skating to "I Kissed A Girl", and
annoy the Christian Right in a major way.

There are some Kylie Minogue songs that
could fit well into a program.

I could easily see a lot of skaters skating to
all kinds of rock and roll if this goes through,
and I say it is about time.

Other artists whose music I could see used
regularly include La Roux, 20 Fingers, Lady
Gada, M/A/A/R/S, David Guleta, Paula
Abdul, Peter Gabriel, Beyonce, Vengaboyz,
Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, and many more.

There is even one Whitney Houston number,
"So Emotional", that would be an upbeat
tune that could work well in a program.

I would love to see skater do a number to
"S&M" by Rihanna, and annoy the HELL
of a few of the wingnuts.

If vocals had been allowed in the '92
or '94 games, I could see Tonya having
skated to Born To Be Bad, by Geroge
Thorouggood, which would have fit
her quite well.

And we say its about time, that that
music in skating got more modernised.
To the people who want to allow vocals,
I see good on them.


Gary Sokolich 2090

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> The only reason I did pants***here again was when someone impesonated me
> again on here.

Oh Chuckie, you do love the attention.