Debbi Wilkes book/CTV/Commentators

Debbi Wilkes book/CTV/Commentators

Post by Sonya Lee McCallu » Wed, 19 Jul 1995 04:00:00

There may have already been a discussion about Debbi's book on here, but
I was just wondering what people thought of it, especially given the
comment that it could be a reason for her leaving CTV.

I read the book ... well, not quite all of it ... it got too painful for
me to force myself to continue.  Way too much stuff about herself.  The
thing is, I would suspect that mostly only skaters and people connected
to them would read it, therefore the details were too ... detailed.  The
thing could have been about 75 pages long.  As for all the gossip ...
well, I must admit I kinda liked reading it, but at the same time I
thought a lot of it was inappropriate and much of it was downright
RUDE!!!  As far as I am concerned, her credibility went way down when she
published that book.  Trash sells ... and it was trashy, unfortunately.

I wouldn't be sorry to see her go from CTV.  I would love if Martini and
Underhill left CBC for CTV, because I love them.  They are pretty much my
favourite skaters EVER and I would love to see more of them (I know, I
know, that hardly is an objective statement on their commentating ability!!).
As for Kurt or Brian ... either one is fine.  I think Brian does a
pretty good job and admit that I think he does work well with Debi (he
is quiet while she is yacking away).  I fear that perhpas Kurt
has a little TOO much personality for the job ... I am afraid he'd be
really hyper and never shut up!!!   Actually, that describes Scotty
Hamilton quite well and I like him, so maybe it would be okay!

Anyway, the question for debate was ... what do you think of Debi's book??