Gift ideas for your favorite (or not so favorite) skaters

Gift ideas for your favorite (or not so favorite) skaters

Post by jcz.. » Sat, 13 Dec 1997 04:00:00

The Holidays are here! In case your challenged for ideas on just what to
get that special skater in your life, I offer these suggestions:

For Roz- the extra fabric that was not used for her "Mouth" outfit,
along with a couple safety pins, to reattach it.

Brian B- An ice pack, his ***seems to be swelling.

Toller Cranston- a bow to drag across that violin

Kurt Browning- A private consultation with Angela Lansbury...perhaps she
can help him find his missing hairline.

Doug Mattis- An exorcism

Scott Williams and Phillipe Candeloro- A day at the hair salon...i'm
thinking, perhaps the Bo Derek "10" look, for Scott.....and the Princess
Leia "cinnamon bun" look for Phillipe.

Nicole Bobek and Surya Bonaly- An all expense paid trip for two to's the only way they'll be going.

Rudy Galindo- a pair of scissors to cut off those ridiculous "wings'.

Kriztina Czako-the address for Vera Wang in NY......that outfit should
only be worn on Halloween

Pasha- Dinner with Jan Brady, where the two can discuss that "Marcia!
Marcia! Marcia!" complex.

Illia Kulik- a can of gasoline and a be used promptly on
that long program geddup.

Micheal Weiss- a Bic razor....the "flavor saver" must go.

All russian skaters- bags and bags of new clothes.....let them go wild!

Happy shopping!!

"on a hunger strike 'till Paul Wylie recants his plan to retire"