TFSC: European Nationals + Europeans + Other stuff ;-)

TFSC: European Nationals + Europeans + Other stuff ;-)

Post by Tin » Sun, 17 Jan 1999 04:00:00


happy new year!

Have heard I have been missed as a regular poster? Tziziziziz! ;-)

I got a lot of e-mail requests for European National Championships.
In the meantime most have been held. Results from

Austrian National Championships
British National Championships
Czech National Championship
Danish National Championships
Dutch National Championships
Finnish National Championships
French National Championships
German Junior Championships
German National Championships
Italian National Championships
Polish National Championships
Romanian National Championships
Russian National Championship

can be found at

This year I did not write reports from German Nationals. They would have
been in German anyway. Maybe Robert Tebby can give you a short overview.
:-) (BTW, Robert, have you been brave enough to try German food the rest of
the week? *big grin*)

Marina did send the first skating photographs from her childhood. You can
check them out in the Photo Gallery (First Steps, Former Partners) at:

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! ;-)

Today, we did also add pictures from Kati and Rene's first appearence at
Skate America in 1994, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania/USA. The photographs are
from Charlie Covell.
As always you can find a preview page with thumbnails in the Photo Gallery
where you can choose the pictures you want to see in full size.
The URL is:

The entry list for the European Championships has been announced at the
press conference. I couldn't find the list at the official website yet, so
I put them online additionally.

All updates as always at:

A big Thank You Very Much to all people who pointed me to or did send me
the results from Nationals and other competitions!!!


Tino Eberl

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