VPN Ban coming?

VPN Ban coming?

Post by Chilly » Thu, 28 Mar 2013 12:08:26


> We were going to join movement for more
> free VPNs, but when we installed SoftEther
> on the server, it totally screwed things up
> where the server suddenly had a differnet
> IP. There is something about SoftEther that
> makes Windows Vista go apeshit.

We just have to put the VPN on a
different server than that for the
web page, which we have.

Also, we have foud one filtering service
which will allow us to block ***, warez,
***, P2P, an hate speech on our
public HTTP proxy, public VPN, and
open WiFI (3 IP addresses) for a very
cheap rate per year.

Terry and his minions at PDXISS will
NOT want to hear this, but this filtering
service also blocks PDXISS. The folks
at this filtering service provide have chosen
to block PDXISS, something I am sure
Terry and his minions over that will not want
to hear.So this will be blocked at many
organisations that use this service, depending
on what cateogories they block.