Synchronized skating primer

Synchronized skating primer

Post by Janet Swan Hil » Tue, 15 Dec 1998 04:00:00

This is primarily aimed at participant skaters, but I believe I asked the
original question on r.s.s.i.f. and skatefans as well, so I'm posting it
here, too.

Some time ago I asked for advice from about a reasonable place to put a
document I had written for precision skaters.  I got a number of very good
suggestions, and some "volunteer hosts".  

After a few fits and starts, I'm grateful to be able to report that Don
Korte has mounted the document on The Figure Skater's Web Site.  

The Synchronized Skating Primer is located at

I originally wrote the primer in connection with my serving as a precision
team manager, and I have kept it up for a number of years on behalf of the
team I skated on, and the teams associated with my home club (I skated on
a team based with another club, because my home club didn't have an ***
team).  It is aimed at defining things and providing hints and information
for skaters new to precision/synchronized skating, but it may be
interesting to spectators as well, since it describes and names various
formations and holds, and covers some of the special difficulties of
precision/synchronized skating.  

If there are any precision/synchronized skaters out there who have another
name for any of the holds or fomations I've described, or if you can think
of another formation or hold that you think is sufficiently common AND
sufficiently different from those included, I'd be grateful if you'd let
me know, since I hope to update the document from time to time.

Thanks to everyone who provided suggestions and "volunteers" for hosting
the page.