Scenario Games

Scenario Games

Post by Ch » Sun, 05 Apr 1998 04:00:00

OK, so its a sunny, lazy Saturday morning in Minneapolis.  The Better
Half thinks she overslept because its "too light" outside. And I'm up
to my elbows in suds, and playing mind games which is why it is fun
washing dishes.

And I'm thinking "Too bad about the win-lose thing, ruins everything".
Meaning if you have to have people losing to have "competition".  But
its an inexorable fact of life.  Given that, I was thinking it was too
bad Tara didnt catch whatever she got BEFORE the Olympics. Oh, I know
there would have been disappointment, but Tara seems so good at
refocusing on the next thing and shedding bad feelings about the past.
It is abundantly clear by now that THIS Olympics meant a huge amount
to Michelle.  In a way, it was a shame they were both there because it
meant I couldnt wholeheartedly cheer for one, knowing it meant the
other had to lose. This is coming up today because I was recalling
yesterday when I was on my feet screaming for Michelle.  Felt damned
good, I gotta say. And it was Tara's absence that made it possible.

So had Tara missed the Olys, her steel chin woulda come out and she
would have come to Minneapolis breathing fire!  Then if we can string
the scenario out and send Michelle out for SUSHI on Wednesday.  So now
I get to scream myself hoarse when Tara clobbers the world in my own
town!  Meanwhile, Michelle is stroking her Olympic gold and purring.
And Tara is looking forward to Salt Lake City.  And Michelle is
looking at college catalogues and brochures.

Where's the downside?  Well, there's the Phobes, with their neutron
pulse generators, needing to blast SOMETHING, and fuming!  But I know
they, too, can find a solution in all this.