Street skating, controlling speed is critical

Street skating, controlling speed is critical

Post by John Do » Fri, 12 Oct 2012 08:24:37

I suppose it might depend on where you live, whether there are
rough terrain and hills and stuff, but here where I live in my
experience controlling speed is critical for street skating around
cars. Controlling speed is much more important than learning how
to stop quickly. Crashes are simply a no no.

Can't say enough about being familiar with the terrain, but that's
a different subject. Sometimes I encounter new terrain, like it or

I prefer skating without a heel brake. No disrespect intended. I
think heel brakes are great, depending on the circumstance. I
skate over lots of rough areas, including up and down sidewalk
curbs, where a heel brake gets in the way.

My method of controlling speed is sort of like a stepping stop. Or
maybe it could be described as reverse pushing. One foot is lifted
off of the ground, and placed in front and out to the side. It
makes contact with the ground and with pressure it begins moving
inwards. That is the breaking force. After that foot is far enough
inwards, the other foot is lifted, and placed in front and out to
the side, repeating the same motion. Been using this method on
slight hills for years now.

Just today. I skated on a path that I hadn't skated for many
moons. I recall having a little trouble controlling speed. It was
so easy, that time seemed like ages ago. Controlling speed seems
effortless now, even without the exaggerated reverse push that is
needed when controlling speed while going down a hill. So,
apparently that method of controlling speed has improved/helped my
skating on more than just hills.

I'm not a speed skater. I street skate slow and easy whenever
possible. I love coasting on skates. So this isn't intended to be
performance skating advice.