***we CAN end off subject posts! Please help!***

***we CAN end off subject posts! Please help!***

Post by bbry.. » Fri, 04 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Attention skating lovers who whan to keep this group for skating only,
and for that matter, reality:

Please forward ALL posts from this person that have nothing to do

Write a quick note about wanting to keep our newsgroup about skating,
and ask them to warn him!

Also, check the other skating groups and forward those messages as well!


>        I am afraid you are wrong. The word "indecent" can mean just about
>  anything, and is run by "community standards". If some ultra-liberal town,
>  such as Berkeley, Calif., decides they don't like anti-Klinton messages
>  posted at times by Hatchet Job, and other publications, they can be
>  prosecuted for airing "indecent" speech. The law is so broad that it will
>  allow the government to outlaw just about anything they don't like.
>  This is why so many "Net Citizens" oppose this law. Hatchet Job, and
>  other "controversial" publications can be outlawed. The Anti-Klinton
>  postings will mst certainly attacked first. In addition to alt.sex.*
>  and alt.personals.*, expect alt.***, alt.impeach.clinton, alt.rush
>  .limbaugh, alt.fan.rush-limbaugh, alt.censorship, and many other
>  similar groups like that are anti-Klinton and anti-government posts to be
>  outlawed on sites in the United States. Because of the phrase "foreign
>  communications with the United States", Many foreign-owned publications,
>  such as Hatchet Job, would be liable for any speech declared by the
>  "indecent" by the United States Government. This will have a negative
>  impact on sites worldwide except in "third world" countries such as
>  Greece or Panama, which have laws on the books preventing their citizens
>  from being extradited (except for *** and drug crimes).