Coach/Student realtionships

Coach/Student realtionships

Post by Chilly » Mon, 02 Apr 2012 07:19:46

I think the USFSA's ban on relationships between coaches and students,
provided that both are over 18, could be unconstitutional. The Arkansas
Supreme Court has struck down a state law there, that makes relationships
between students, and teachers, even if both are over 18.

Basically, the Arkansas Supreme Court has said that people over 18
have a consitutional right to have a realtionships. As long as both parties
are over 18, any law or rule banning such relationships is unconstitutional.

Based on this, I believe that the USFSA ban on coaches and students
having realtionships could also be unconsitutional, and could be used
as legal precedent, if either a coach or student ever decideed to fight
the USFSA in court someday over that ban. Based on this legal
precedent, US Figure Skating would lose.

What is surprising is that a court in the "Antelbellum South",
that most conservative Christian region of the country, and part of the
Belt" would rule in that way. I say good on the Arksnsas Supreme Court
for taking the "Nanny State" down a few notches.


Coach/Student realtionships

Post by Thomas Groo » Tue, 03 Apr 2012 17:24:35

wrote on 3/31/12 3:19 PM:

> Basically, the Arkansas Supreme Court has said that I
> have a consitutional right to ***my pants.

Then go on and ***them!!