How Do Renegade Cammies Fit?

How Do Renegade Cammies Fit?

Post by Hedhunte » Fri, 24 Oct 1997 04:00:00

(Kevin VanWieren) writes:

>I am contemplating on the purchase of a set of Renegade camos (crew
>neck top and pants).  I was wondering how they fit.  I have a SP
>catalog with the sizes listed, but I was wondering if they run big or
>small?  I am about 5'10" and I have about a 40-42 inch waist (depends
>what kind of pants I have on).  I also plan on layering underneath the
>pants and top (it gets mighty chilly here in upstate NY).  I was
>wondering if I should go XL or XXL?? Could any of you big guys (or
>ppl. who know about these camos) respond?? Thanks in advance.

Get the XL or bigger.   I have guys on my team (we all wear them) with a
34-36 in waist that are wearing the Large. One guy that has about a 40 inch
waist that is wearing the XL  (they have an elastic waist and will go out
quite a bit though...

Team "Thunderstruck"