= Tippmann SMG-68 package FS - Own a bit of paintball history!! =

= Tippmann SMG-68 package FS - Own a bit of paintball history!! =

Post by Kenn Mik » Sun, 20 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Due to "real world" expenses, I'm being forced to sell my favorite
marker.  Ain't life the pits? Anyway, here's what's for sale:

Tippmann SMG-68 factory Semi-automatic paintball marker
Custom Full-Auto modification (removable)
9 Oz. CO2 siphon tank w/ ***plate
31 (count 'em) 5-round "*** clips" (155 rounds total)
2 custom detachable clip catchers
spare magazine coil spring
barrel plug

The gun itself is in excellent, working condition. Other than a few
scratches on the finish, it looks great.  The full-auto mod is one I
built, and is removable with no more work than field-stripping the
gun. The receiver has been custom threaded to accept Carbine/ProLite
type barrels.

I'm asking $275.00 (US funds only, please) for this entire package.

My terms of sale are as follows: I'll pay shipping. When I receive
payment, I'll ship the gun within 24 hrs. If you prefer COD shipping,
you can pay the extra charge (I believe it's $5). Also, if you prefer,
I'll use Doc Nickel's "online trading check-up" (we'll split the fee
-It's about $20). Basically, he'll take the gun and clean it up, take
it apart, lube it, test and chrony it, then when payment is received,
he ships the package directly to you. See:


for details (go to the current specials page). Incidentally, I'd
recommend this option, because it protects both of us. Anyway, much as
I hate to part with it, I hope this marker provides someone with as
much fun as it has me.