FS: "Old School" and Newer Items...old Bushmaster Body, GS Stock,Cocker Parts..More

FS: "Old School" and Newer Items...old Bushmaster Body, GS Stock,Cocker Parts..More

Post by P8ntGuns4Sa » Wed, 30 Oct 2002 05:19:55

The following items are offered for sale at this time.

Method of payment: Prepayment (plenty of references available upon request) via

Money Order. If buyer pays w/ either US Postal or Western Union Money Order,
the item(s) will ship the following business day after receiving payment. If
payment is made in any other form..ie: bank issued money order, cashiers check,
personal check, then I'll ship the item(s) once the funds have cleared my bank,
which can take anywhere from 1-3 business days.

Shipping: I'll cover the actual shipping cost via US Postal ground delivery. If
buyer prefers faster method and insurance, he/she will pay the
difference..unless we come to some other agreement.

"Old School Items":
Line SI Bushmaster Body/Pump Arm/Gripframe: Circa 1990-91?. Mainbody has been
polished, however it should be done a bit better by someone w/ a buffing wheel.
It's a decent job, but I don't recall how I did the polishing..but its possible
to make it look more professional. Mainbody includes sightrail, and barrel set
screw. Also included is a Line SI Pump arm w/ "Bad Company" engraved on it (was
used by Bad Company when they first started playing tournaments. Also include
is a gripframe, it appears to be complete minus the mounting screws (body) and
grip panels.
(Pics available )
Price:  $28.00

Box of Misc Older Pump Parts:
(4) Hammers, varying styles (lightweight and heavier).
(2) Bolts, varying styles (lightweight and heavier).
(4) Main Springs, varying tensions
(3) Valve Springs, "                   "
Misc Pump arm screws, cup seals (not sure as to whether they're good)
and one valve cap (screws into ASA)
(5) Powertubes
(1) What appears to be NEW ASA

Price: Make Offer (pics available)

**This "MAY" be of interest to anyone who collects "Old School" items of
PPP Speed Feed, this is the actual prototype that eventually became a Pro Team
Products item used on the Tippamann Pro Lite line. The store I had worked for
back in the early 90's designed this piece and eventually sold the design to
PTP if memory serves me correct. It may have actually gone to National first,
then perhaps PTP..not 100% positive of what became of the production pieces.
Pictures available, and as far as a prices I'm open to offers. This piece does
not have the metal clip attached, so if you've got a pro-am/lite foregrip and
want to use this piece, simply remove the clip from the grip.

   Price: Make an offer, pics available

(3) What appear to be quick-strip PGP or PMI series bolts...all which appear to
be brand new, never installed. I have pics for those interested. Ideally would
like to sell all 3 pieces together, but will seperate if I can at least get
buyers for 2.
Price: Make an offer

"New School" and semi New School:

A) New in package ANS Mini-Ram $16.00

B) Shocktech Rat 2 Valve, was installed in a***er for less than
a week, then removed..complete. $10.00

C) Stainless 4 Ball Pushpin, removed from gun when purchased
and was using an Evo bolt which used its on detaining pin.
NEW condition $5.00

D) PTP 1200 psi Micro Gauge, new condition $5.00

E) New condition blue/black shroud from Evolution minicocker. Piece is in mint
condition as it was removed the day I purchased it back in '98. $10.00 obo

F) New condition black/grey/silver brush stroke anodized shroud from '98 Bob
Signature Series Autococker, in mint condition. $10.00 obo

G) 2XL Paintball Junkies black t-shirt w/ red,white and blue female figure
holding gun on front and "Paintball Junkies" on back. This t-shirt was never
worn and is in excellent condition.
Price: $6.00

H) Chrome Gas-thru stock. To my knowledge this is one a very few (5-10 if
memory serves me correct). This was manufactured Florida Paintball Center back
in 1995. I had sent several guns in to FPC to have some plating, milling done
and the owner had given this to me because he took a little longer doing the
job than he quoted. The stock is a skeleton stock w/ a swivel butt-end. The
front of the stock has a hole tapped facing forward and one facing 15 degrees
down (back). Stock was never used and is in perfect condition. I'll include 2
complete quick disconnect sets. I may also have a 48" piece of stainless
braided hose and a brand new ANS slidecheck valve
Price: $40.00obo

I) Radio Shack Talking Timer, new in package $12.00

Will sell everything above (NEW school items only) for $70.00, and I'll cover
shipping via US Postal Service Priority, Insured, signature required.

                                    Thanks in advance.


FS: "Old School" and Newer Items...old Bushmaster Body, GS Stock,Cocker Parts..More

Post by P8ntGuns4Sa » Wed, 30 Oct 2002 05:32:22

Just noticed while taking pics of the quick strip bolts that they're Cooper-T
bolts if thats any help?