AutoCocker vs Minicocker.

AutoCocker vs Minicocker.

Post by XxxRavix » Sun, 20 Nov 1994 01:10:18


>The minicocker has a better triggerjob, lighter block, a bottom line.
>Now, comparing price and quality wise... are these upgrades of the
>autococker comparable to an autococker with the same upgrades, but done
>a custom artist?  I'm just wondering if the trigger job, and the
>weight of the block on the minicocker will be worth it.  Lets say I buy
>the minicocker, and I go to a shop to have it customized on the trigger
>job and shaving the blocks.. won't it cost just as much if it were to be
>done on the autococker and have the very same results?  Do you see what
>I'm getting at?  Why pay more for a minicocker when you will end up with
>the same results when customized..?

>Aldwin Bolante

If you plan on tricking the gun out, the only real advantage of the
Minicocker is that it is lighter and shorter due to the absence of the
vertical bottle mount. You're going to want a professional trigger job
with either gun. At ~$150 less for the stock Autococker, you can put the
$150 into mods that will bring it to a much higher level of performance
than a stock Minicocker.

good luck