Autococker and MiniCocker deal

Autococker and MiniCocker deal

Post by John Hamilt » Sat, 10 Apr 1993 09:04:11

For a limited time only, I am offering a deal to Team Internet members
and .paintball readers on Autocockers and Minicockers.

Order and place a 50% deposit on either one before the end of April,
and I will fill the order within two weeks or refund the deposit in
full at the following total prices (not including $8.75 S&H). The prices
are tentative and may vary slightly, but will be fixed within 24 hours:

        Autococker $295
        Minicocker $475

Contact me by direct email or phone me at (800) 572-0381 to discuss.

There is no limit on quantities, though quantities will be limited by
the manufacturer's production rate. This offer can be withdrawn without
notice at any time. No COD, all payments must be made prior to shipment.
This offer is not good in the store, it is for mail order only.

John Hamilton
Owner, Hamilton Hobbies

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