WCW - Halloween Havoc '99 - US Championship - Sid Vicious vs Bill

WCW - Halloween Havoc '99 - US Championship - Sid Vicious vs Bill

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Goldberg had attacked and busted open sid earlier in the evening and Sid
refused treatment, wanting to stay pissed off for his match.  Sid comes to
the ring first, then goldberg, who gets attacked by Scott Hall and Kevin
Nash in the entranceway as sid watches.  As security takes them away, Sid
then attacks Goldberg.  They brawl outside the ring.  Goldberg picks up Sid
and drops him on the railing, then bangs him into the overturned stairs.  He
then works on Sids busted head.  Sid still fights back, holding off
Goldberg.  They then get back in the ring and the battle continues.  Sid
gets Goldberg down and gets him the camel clutch.  Goldberg powers out,
picking up Sid on his shoulders and dropping him.  He goes for the pin and
Sid kicks out.  The fight goes on and sid is a ***y mess, bleeding like a
pig, face full of *** and *** on his neck and chest.  The referee calls
for the bell because Sid is bleeding too much.  Goldberg is declared the
winner and new US champion.  Rick Steiner comes in to help Sid leave the

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