New Autococker "How-To" Users Manual

New Autococker "How-To" Users Manual

Post by Y. David Taller, Es » Tue, 20 May 1997 04:00:00

New user's manual full of important tips on timing adjustements,
trigger adjustments, Ram, Regulator and 3-Way timing and upgrades and
much more.  

Complete technical drawings and step-by-step instructions on how to
properly fix the most frequent problems and make neccesary adjustments
in the Autococker and Minicocker, including:

Trigger Work
Ram replacement
High Pressure 3-Way Hose upgrade
Back Block and Actuating Rod adjustments
Pro-Shot Kit adjustments
Sear adjustments
***ing Rod adjustments
Valve upgrades
Bolt Upgrades
and much much more.

Written by Master Airsmith Carl Wallin in conjunction with tournament
paintball players and hundreds of Autococker owners around the country
and Europe.

Send a $10.00 (cash, check or money order) and a self addressed 9x12
manila envelope with $1.00 postage to:

Autococker Manual
104-40 Queens Boulevard
Suite #9G
Forest Hills, NY 11375-8117
Attn:  David Taller