FS/FT cheap mini-cocker pkg (lots of stuff)

FS/FT cheap mini-cocker pkg (lots of stuff)

Post by -phran » Thu, 01 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Here's what you get:

'97 mini-cocker w/ timing hole and air passage drilled
Nelson springs (yellow and yellow currently - but all incl.)
Hammer kit w/ rounded lug
Palmer rock
ANS mini-ram
Titanium bolt
4 barrels, incl. a Carter DYE and a Lapco

>>>(Lapco is one of the original grey anno ones.  Matches the grips and the

Grey VL Shredder
Matching grey VL grips
Matching grey pneumatic hoses
JT Green Mask w/ flex bottom
9oz and 7oz tank
2 harnesses (3+1 and a 6+1)
2 scopes - an optical one and a red dot
..and I'm sure there's more.

I'd like $500 and shipping for the lot.  OR, I might be open to a trade.
Just all depends.
(Interests include Novas, Shockers, maybe a mag, perhaps an AT-85...I dunno,
be creative.)
or there's always cash :-)