WCW Z is for

WCW Z is for

Post by Sabu 4.2.4 the acest reporte » Sat, 18 Mar 2000 04:00:00

ze gansgsta


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Sabu has done more for the internet that you have ever and will ever do,
you braindead dolt. Sabu is RSPW's #1 reporter and one of the greatest
men ever to live. - Evil Big Josh
Sabu is the acest - Dan Bishop
Wait, if the Sabster didn't report it, then it must be false. - DF1

Sabu continually raises the quality of posting in this newsgroup.  - Devlover14

It's 1998 all over again, so Sabu is still DA MAN.- RSPW98

You're the acest, brotha - The Chosen One

I killed three people just because they didn't know who Sabu424 was. - Alex Cain

>Mike Plajij why wasn't Sabu424 given a position as moderator as well.
>He is the acest and would do a super job.

This is well known and understood.  But we felt that he would
do such a wonderful job that he'd make the rest of the mods look
like a suckfest in comparison.  To maintain the illusion of our
greatest, we chose Vin, m'kay? - Mike Palijs response

Sabu is the true Model Poster. - Tehawk (my brah)

I signed up for internet access just so I could read Sabu's news. - Rockboy

Such a shining wit - James E.

"Given the choice between Ryan Shamrock covered in caramel and
Sabu424's insider info, I'd go with Sabu424." - The Avenger

If I were to have a daughter, I would hope she finds a fine upstanding man like
Sabu 424.  His posts on wrestling are like a rainbow of intelligence in an
otherwise gray ignorant world of RSPW. - Freebyrd80

Sabu424 - a winner is him! - Jirosan
There is no finer man alive than Sabu424. He is a credit to the
internet. God bless him. - You Dummy and Ralphus in a dress

A day without Sabu424 and his in-depth, unbiased wrestling analysis, is like a day
without sunshine. - Buck Satan

Sabu - Often imitated, never duplicated. - Tehawk

Sabu424, I salute you! Your knowledge of the business is the acest! - The Mystical, Magical Pato

You have the most fantastic sense of business for the wrestling world, Sabu.
The memory of how I ever doubted your judgement for a second is just...a
horrible reminder of thoughtlessness and truly not understanding what you
represent. - Nada000000

Hi I like your posts I find you for intelligent and informative and
would like to see much exclusive news in the future. - El Rudo K Canzarella

you know, it's good to finally find a source of unbiased news on the net these
days... you truly are a pioneer in the field of journalism. - Bricks with the lovely Jacqueline

Sabu is the king of acests...all so-called "Sheet Writers" should look
to Sabu for guidence. - Evil Big Josh

This was an ace post.  :) - Darien Allen

"Your innovative approach to the field of professional wrestling absolutely
amazes me and I hope you continue with this groundbreaking development for
years to come" - The innovator of ignorance.

Sabu424 is the greatest RSPW poster in the history of our great sport.- Ultimax

Sabu is an unstoppable force of nature. - Oxford

You are an inspiration to all RSPW'ers, continue the good work. - T O X I C E N E M A


"I killed 25 people because they offended my savior Sabu"-THE CHOSEN ONE