Post by MICHAEL G. ISBL » Wed, 05 Nov 1997 04:00:00

What is the difference between the autococker and the minicocker?  I
want to purchase one but don't know which will be the best way to go.
I'm currently using a stingray II.  It seems to work fine but I'm ready
to move up.  I'll appreciate any information that I can get.



Post by Neal L Sta » Thu, 06 Nov 1997 04:00:00


>Obvious to most is the money difference about 100.00 diffence.
>One little known problem with the mini-cocker is the loss of critical air space
> in the shortened air chamber. If you ever try to go low pressure, which lots
> of***er people are know doing, you will need the extra air chamber volume.
> On my mini I somewhat solved this problem with a mitey max air chamber
> extension, but I will not be able to go as low as if I had kept the 1in length
> of the reg.***er.    
>Hope I helped Jarrod

Actually, from now until Dec. 31st, you can get standard Auto- and
Minicockers for the same price, at least from Coast to Coast Paintball.
They are selling them for $349.95 a piece, either one.  Not a bad deal in
my book.  Check out their web site at, or
drop Josh (the owner) a line.

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