e-news from Paintball News - Friday, April 7, 2000

e-news from Paintball News - Friday, April 7, 2000

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Picketts Charge
Story by: The Judge

All rise, court is now in session. The Honorable Harry J. Jones is
presiding. Draw near and ye shall be heard....First Case: People vs.
Command Post.
We were at a paintball re-enactment game based on Picketts Charge at
Gettysburg, during the American Civil War. Command Post, in
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, has held this game for the past five years.
The game is based on the charge of the South attempting to cross an open
field to attack the Northern position behind the wall: a very difficult
task.  The Southern forces have to advance in a line to a certain point
on the field, after which they can charge the wall. The Northern forces
have to hold the wall. They can hide behind the fortifications, move
about, around the wall and/or crouch or kneel. The South is not allowed
to kneel and must remain standing, The North cannot retreat past the we
all and must hold it all costs.

Hoppers were removed for the game and paintball was dropped down the
feed tube of the marker one-at-a-time. Paintball was carried in pouches
which were carried around the neck or strung around the participants
waist. You had to reach into the pouch for a ball, load it and fire,
reach down and retrieve another, and so forth. No***feeding was
allowed. This attributed to a lot of good old fashioned aiming!  A lost
art form!. Mark Zavoy, owner of the field would be Commander, Southern
Forces. His command staff consisted of Bill Robertson and Dave The
Mule Weidner. F-troop had been asked to come up and do the defense of
the wall. We arrived in a rented bus. We were not taking any chances.
Mark had challenged us saying that in the five years the game has been
held, the  South had taken the wall every time. Well, the last thing you
tell F-Troop is that they can not do something. We will just have to let
history judge the battle. Along with the paintball warriors, Mark had
asked actual Civil War re-enactments to play along with us. Coopers
Battery B...First Pennsylvania light artillery had brought their gear
and cannon up for the game. They travel around to all local
re-enactments,. They had camped out with as much authenticity as
possible. The centerpiece was of course the cannon To signal the start
of each game the cannon would be fired. We piled off the bus to find
Dangerous Dan in poor shape. He had gotten food poisoning the night
before. He looked peeked, but would play. He seems to have a curse on
him when it comes to playing here. A prior game, Mark, had invited Dan &
The Troop to come up to a big game. We were coming back from the game to
the HQ when Dan began having trouble swallowing. The staff looked after
him and decided to call the ambulance. The rig rolled up and we loaded
Dan on board. Carl followed in Dans truck as I guided him via radio. We
waited patiently as the docs looked him over...The diagnosis was an
allergic reaction to something. They gave him a shot and he was fine.
Poor Mark was so worried here he invites Dan up to play and he kneels
over. So it seems the curse is still hovering over Dan today. The south
had two flags that had padded bottoms that if they crossed the wall they
could tough a player to eliminate him. When a player is hit, they would
lay down where they were tagged.  Before the game at orientation, Mark
had wished us all to remember those who had fought the real battle, and
they were remembered in a prayer. Command Post utilizes a Christian
retreat  called Wild Orchard Youth Camp. A lovely place of over 125
acres with heated bunk-houses, showers, mess hall where a great buffet
lunch was prepared, and a pool. Bunk rentals are $10 a night. We
gathered in the recreation center for a briefing by Mark and to consider
todays game with reverence to the brave souls who perished for a cause.
Remember those who fell for us. A brief prayer was held by James Payne,
director of the camp.

The field of battle was set, the sky was clear, the air crisp. Our
forces were gathered behind the wall, waiting for the rush we knew would
be forthcoming. In the distance we saw them, a stout line of brave souls
who were marching to their fate. We held our line steady and tried to
calm our nerves. The sight was overwhelming, they just come only We
answered their approach with a shot of the cannon. The sough
reverberated throughout the valley as they kept coming We waited until
we were within range and let loose a volley of grenades into their
ranks. They quickly grouped to our left and broke into a run whooping
and hollering. The fire was intense as they closed on our position.
Grenade and ball thinned their ranks, but they kept coming. They broke
over the wall on the left flank and many Yankees lay where they fell.
They pushed over the wall to fire down the wall. We hugged the wall like
it was our savior. We grouped in the right corner of the wall determined
to repel the Rebs. The numbers were against us as they pushed us down
the wall. Two of our numbers swung out into the open field to draw their
fire, but it was too late. They smashed the rest of our squad and took
our flag. They hoped and hollered waving the flag over their heads in
triumph. The south will rise again! Regrouping we were determined to
keep the Rebs out this time. Again, they came on, yelling defiantly and
strutting like peacocks. The cannon boomed out its song of battle.

Again, they came and we answered their approach with grenade and paint.
They grouped on the left again, but we would not be caught twice. We
shifted troops to the left wall and when they broke they were cut sown
in a hideous hail of grenade and paint. Still they came. We poured shot
into them as fast as we could load. Smoke obscured the battlefield
making it a surreal arena of destruction. A brave group of Rebs had
made the wall on the left only to be cut down as they crested the wall.
We had waited until we saw the whites of their eyes and let loose. The
remnants of those brave souls were chased back to the far end of the
field and were dispatched. Now, it was our turn to rejoice, not over the
elimination of so many brave souls, but to union cause. The ground was
concealed with the luckless souls of our brethren, One could barely step
on unspoiled ground. Again, we were set upon. This time Mark had decided
to mount a line attack. In line ahead they came, flag waving proudly in
the breeze. This time we held our fire. l They marched steadily until
the dropping of Marks saber and they broke. Screaming at the top of
their lungs they came. We came up over the wall and disgorged a
withering wall of paint on their ranks. Smoke wafted through the scene,
obscuring the combatants for a short time. Through the smoke they came.
They were met with heavy grenade bursts. They fell by the score. Our
hearts sank upon seeing the sight. Still they came. The flag bearer
crested the wall in the center and hit Louie Love with the flag
inadvertently knocking him down. Now anyone who knows Louie, this is not
hard to do. He weighs maybe 100 lbs., soaking wet. The flag bearer was
cut down into he act. Again, we chased the remnants into the field and
the battle was ours. Again, the ground was carpeted in a human blanket.
Undaunted, Mark, again led the charge against the wall. This time he had
them stop at mid-field in line ahead. They stood beyond the range of our
grenades and shot. We traded long shots for what seemed an eternity.
Carl had ordered a halt to the fire to wait the charge. It did not take
long as they came at us in a frenzy. Their yelps pierced our souls as we
unleashed a volley of fire. They fell in droves. Onward they came. Mark,
charging down the center to rally his troops came within arms reach of
the all when he was cut down by a water balloon. It went up in a tight
arc and with no other option he attempted to catch it. Needless to say,
he got wet! We all laughed as he laid down soaking wet. They came no
further. The wall was still ours!  We had held the Rebs and turned them
back. Slowly, everyone arose and we marched on back to the center for
the great lunch buffet.  The food was fabulous and plentiful. At $5
bucks, it was a bargain. The feast was prepared by, Carroll, who makes
the most heavenly apple pie in the world. Mark thanked everyone for a
great game and vowed that he would return again in the fall to tale that
wall from us! Will the South rise or fall? This is a must game for fun
and skill Loading one ball at a time was a challenge for most of the
hose monsters! It was a hoot! You have to try this One!  Command Post
1-800-510-5880. Mr. Foreman, have you reached a verdict?...What say you?
We, the jury, find the defendant GUILTY, of being proud and brave. Case
dismissed, court is adjourned.

Indiana Captains Council Rocks Indiana With Spring Opener
The Indiana Captain's Council (ICC) an USPL Affiliate league and NAAPSA
National Qualifier event hosted its first event of the 2000 season,
attracting 8 teams over the events' cut-off of 40. The event was held at
Paintball Fun in Corydon IN (PNN member site?) and The Wicked Clowns and
the Jesters provided officiating services.  The event drew both amateur
and novice five player teams. The sportsmanship award went to Team
Wiseguys.  Tasking first through fourth in the novice event were:

Ultimate Challenge Blue
Fire & Ice
Dark Fusion Black

First through fourth in the amateur division went to -

Killer Bees
Indy Magic

Ultimate Challenge Blue and Resurrection won the NAAPSA National entry
fee prize and are expected to be attending PaintFest 2000 in LaPorte
Indiana, to defend their titles. For more information about the ICC,
visit their website at http://SportToday.org/
NAAPSA National Championships and the USPL, visit

Carolina Field Owners Association Strikes Again!
Story by: Joshua Silverman

The second installment of the Carolina Field Owners Association
tournament series drew thirty-three teams Sunday, March 26. Flying
Colors Paintball, just north of Greensboro, North Carolina, was well
prepared for them with a well-groomed Sup Air ball Field, Hyperball
field and a wooded field. Greeted by sunshine and temperatures in the
upper seventies, teams were free to focus on paintball and give the
spectators thrilling five man games. The captains meeting concluded by
8:30 AM and with a little prodding from the Flying Colors staff, the
first game was on each field by nine. While slightly shorthanded, the
referee crew replaced quantity with quality and made an excellent effort
to ensure fair play. Joining the fray in the amateur division were the
A-Team from Gotcha Paintball in Wilmington, hosts of the inaugural
event of the 2000 CFOA season, and Gridlock, from nearby field Paintball
Central. With sponsors like Sobe, Diablo, Front Bunkers and Cinshots, no
one doubted that Gridlock was in the hunt. Immediately CFOA
front-runners Flipmode, Wicked MPulse, Voodoo Cru and the Dark Knights
moved out in front with the A-Team, Gridlock and the Mercs staying close
with early maxes. The rest of the field struggled to break one hundred
points by days end.

In the novice division, Carolina Ruckus and the Young Guns were slated
to do well, and disappointed no one. Road Kill and Mayhem also played
excellent paintball and surged to the front of the pack. By mid-day, the
burger and hot-dogs were cooking and both Morgan Awards and Wicked
MPulse has set up displays. While Rick and Stacie from Morgan debuted
their  latest Angel-toting paintball trophy, Wicked MPulse was pleased
to see dozens of players wearing their stylish line of paintball
jerseys. By the awards ceremony their pride would grow, as Wicked
MPulse-wearing teams would place highly in both divisions. Dusks
warning light saw Gridlock, Flipmode, the Mercs and the Dark Knights
square off in the amateur division while the novice side of the coin was
treated to a final round of Carolina Ruckus, the Young Guns, Roadkill
and Mayhem.  By seven, games had concluded under the lights Gridlock
claimed the first place trophy.  The Mercs took second, Flipmode third
and the Dark Knights rounded out the amateur top four. In the novice
division, Carolina Ruckus were the victors, with the Young Guns, Mayhem
and Roadkill bringing up second third and fourth respectively. The
second round of the Carolina Field Owners Association 2000 tournament
series was a great success all the way around, with only the standard,
heat-of-the-moment complaints heard all day.  The food was good, the
camaraderie as excellent as can be found in competition paintball, and
every team was sportsmanlike to the extreme. Averaging thirty-two teams
per tournament, the Carolina Field Owners Association is not only an
excellent development in the Mid-Atlantic area, but also an example for
other series and organizations to follow.

Thank You!, from Paintball Fun
Just a note to say thanks to all 40 fine teams, the 262 kick-***
players, and the participating fields and organizations who helped make
our March 25th ICC/NAAPSA Diablo tournament an outstanding success (OK,
God, thanks for the special favor on the great weather). Our Y2K
battle-cry is"EXCELLENCE IS THE WAY IN Y 2 K!!!" I always heard that
when you reach for the stars you never come up with a handful of mud. I
know my staff and I worked hard preparing for this event---I hope it
showed. PLEASE take a minute to be brutally honest and tell me what we
did right, why you came, what you liked, and more importantly, what we
did wrong or could have done better. Again, my most sincere
thanks---Hope to see you again soon. Don't forget about our Angel-Diablo
Classic, a 3-man speedball--- first place wins 3 LCD Angels + a free
drawing for 1 LCD Angel on July 8 & 9. 40- team limit. ALSO Alexanders
*** on June 17th. http://SportToday.org/
Spring Hill Farm.

P & L 2000-The Series, Scene One
Note: Cape Cod Paintball, Bourne, MA, had scheduled 30 teams to play in
the first event of the season, but 32 were present at the time of the
captains meeting. The P & L staff was ready to accommodate the
latecomers, but asks that all teams remember to register for the
remaining events at least, 7 days, in advance.

Bourne, MA--Over 100 paintball players prepared their equipment for the
competition that lay ahead. The combination of Team Colors brand
paintballs from 32 Degrees, and climate controlled storage defeated the
low temperatures, and eased any worries about ruined paintballs. The 120
scheduled games took place on 4 of the Wooden Spool, and Pallet Fields
were not only perfect to play on, but were also perfectly suited for
spectators to see all of the action.  The 32 teams in attendance were:


At any tournament, all of the teams have their eyes on winning the
prizes, awards, and accolades of those in attendance. P & L 2000 The
Series adds another element to the mix. The unprecedented Flag hang
Award Pins. Each time a flag hang was awarded to a team, the player
responsible for the hang was awarded an Antranig Auto Atyemizian
Memorial Pin. Anto was a bright young paintball player from
California, whose life was cut short due to an automobile accident at
the age of 16 years. The Flag Hang Award Pins are dedicated to Antos
memory by Vahe Ghazarian of Rave Creation, his uncle and the creator
of the pins. Although the players could keep every custom P & L 2000 The
Series flag they were able to hang, only one pin is awarded per player
per event.  The games were fast, and exciting, but in any competition
there have to be winners, and losers.
This event proved to be a huge success due in large part to the
experienced crew and referee staff. When you run this many games,
playoffs and giveaway awards all by 3 PM, you know you did it right. The
games were handled by The M.O.B., with players traveling from as far
away as New Jersey, and Team Hurricanes. As always, the many friends and
supporters of P & L Paintball helped to support the crew. Thanks go out
to: Jeb; John; Kenny & Louie of Cape Cod Paintball, Air Gun Design; Al
DePaouli from ADCO Sights; Ben Tippmann of Tippmann Pneumatics; 32
Degrees; Geno from NPS-NJ, as well as, Chris from  KAPP; Dan Colby of
Air America; Joe West of J & J Barrels; Rick Rohn from Morgan Awards and
Tina from Kingman...Thanks, go out to each of you! If, you want to play
paintball at its finest? Want top competition? Want Great Prizes? Want
refs. who are not afraid to make a call? Want your 4500 PSI tank filled
to 4500 PSI? Want paint stored a the proper temperatures until you pick
it up? Want all that you expect from a tournament series? Then you
should have caught Scene One at Cape Cod Paintball on March 19,
2000--You need to be a part of Scene Two 5-Man Event at Apache
Paintball, April 30, 2000. Series will award champions in both the 3-man
and 5-man divisions at seasons end. Locations may be subject to change.
Please, call P & L Paintball at 508-897-0022, for more information.


JUN 4      3-MAN   SLAM PAINTBALL..............HYANNIS, MA

Kick'N Paintball Sponsors (MWPA) 2000 Series
Mid-West Paintball Association

Division 1---Missouri / Arkansas
March 12--Paintball Ridge, Joplin, MO  877-234-8711
April 9--Hillbilly Paintball, Midway, AR  870-431-5430
May 14--Game Zone, Sedalia, MO  660-827-6396
June 11--AX2 Paintball, Centerton, AR  501-795-4439
July 9--Springfield Paintball, Springfield, MO  417-869-4263
August 13--Birdseye Paintball, Eldon, MO  573-392-7471

Division 2--Oklahoma / Kansas
March 26-- Dodge City, OK  405-373-3745 or 405-858-0300
April 30--Northwest Paintball, Enid, OK  580-237-6300
May 21--Paintball Adventures, Tulsa, OK  918-224-1055
June 25--Lightning Creek, McCune, KS  316-632-4441
July 23--Adventure Spot, Muskogee, OK  918-683-0505
August 27--Kansas Paintball Ranch, Arkansas City, KS  316-442-4014

Series Finals
September 17--Paintball Ridge, Joplin, MO 877-243-8711

MWPA Series info 417-869-4263. Send MWPA Membership Dues to:
Springfield Paintball
601- North National Avenue
Springfield, MO 65802

Paintball Field Operators Guide Year 2000 Edition
Guy Cooper, President/CEO of Pro Star Sports, Inc. announces that the
Year 2000 Edition of the "Paintball Field Operators Guide" is now
available. This guide has been published for 14 years. It is used by
field operators all over the world. This edition is over 400 pages of
"Need To Know" information. For links to independent reviews, please go
to the homepage of paintballnation.com. You may order by email at


USPL Franchise Team Wins BIG!!!
Atlanta f/x, the USPL franchise team based in Atlanta Georgia prevailed
against all comers in the recent WPF 'Race for the Ace' national series,
held in Georgia  the weekend of April 1st. Despite the date, this was
not an April Fool's happening.  Atlanta f/x placed in the semi-finals at
the 2000 National Indoor Championship. "We're very happy with the team's
performance"  Said Steve Davidson, USPL President and owner of the team.
'I feel like George Steinbrenner after the Yankees take a World Series.
This puts the USPL's level of play right up there with the best of them
and should serve notice to teams across the country that USPL play is
top caliber."

Springfield Paintball, Inc., purchases High Pressure Air Systems for
Springfield Paintball, Inc., distributors of KickN Paintballs, has
another benefit to offer for using the highest quality paintballs on the
market, KickN Paintballs-The KickN Air System, which is available in
the Midwest. Fields and tournaments purchasing KickN paintballs may
sign up for the system, as available. The new system will be used at all
of the KickN sponsored MWPA Tournaments in Missouri, Arkansas,
Oklahoma, and Kansas events this year. Other dates are still open at
this time. For more information call Matt Alsup, Sr., Vice President,
for cost and availability at 417-869-4263.

SC Ironmen to use Adrenalin Angel LCD's
Adrenalin Products, Inc., has announced that they have signed a
sponsorship agreement with Dave Young*** and the SC Ironmen. The
sponsorship covers the 2000 professional tournament season and looks to
extend well into the years to come. The Ironmen, long-time Autococker
users, finalized the agreement in early March and have signed on to use
only Adrenalins Angels at all event both in the US and abroad. James
Graley, president of Adrenalin, stated, We are very e***d to bring
the Ironmen on board. We feel that we have the most-advanced marker in
the world and we sought out who we consider to be the top team in the
world to demonstrate its abilities. We have the utmost confidence in
them and the fact that they have used the same market for many years
before switching to our products shows that they have the same level of
confidence in us.  Dave Young*** of the Ironmen stated, We are all
looking forward to using the Adrenalin Angels this year. The Angel LCD
is an amazing market and we feel that the Adrenalin LCD is the best
version of that marker

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