New ICQ user group for San Diego paintballers.

New ICQ user group for San Diego paintballers.

Post by RevHeywoo » Tue, 07 Sep 1999 04:00:00

If you play Paintball, Use ICQ, and Live in the San Diego area then you
should join the newly created ICQ Active List; San Diego Paintball
Players Association. (Note: newest version of ICQ required to join.

It can be found at the AL# of 48616523 or with the name San Diego PPA or
if you search with paintball as your criteria.

Use it to tell others when you're planning on playing, If you want to
sell some gear local, of if you just want to get to know other paintball
players in the San Diego area.

There is nothing to loose and much to gain by joining. So come on down.

If anyone out there would like to know what to do to start your own
Paintball Players Association for your area and would like some help on
what to do, then drop me a line. I'll help how I can.

-RevHeywood              aka Ryan Phillips

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